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Six hours and more than 300 miles later, a Client in Los Angeles was able to board his international flight thanks to TaskRabbit, after he committed one of the greatest travel mistakes of all time — forgetting his passport.

Jon — from San Francisco (where his passport remained) but in Los Angeles when he needed help — called us en route to the airport to let us know how we managed to save his flight.

Just prior to calling us, Jon retrieved his passport from the front desk at the hotel where Tasker Loren had checked in after flying down from San Francisco with Jon’s very important travel document. Jon had flown down to Los Angeles the day before, and upon realizing he’d left his passport in San Francisco (as opposed to his heart), he hopped on TaskRabbit, hoping he wouldn’t end up having to change or miss his flight entirely. Within ten minutes, Loren was on the case. At Jon’s request, Loren found the passport in Jon’s home, then booked a flight, and was down in LA in just enough time to hand the passport off to Jon.

We really need that trans-California high speed rail. Paging Elon Musk!

Jon called us as he was walking to his gate, positively gushing over Loren’s incredible commitment to the task. He said Loren “saved his life” and that if he could give the Tasker “ten stars instead of five,” he would.

Remember to keep TaskRabbit handy for those last minute emergencies! If you haven’t already, make sure to download the latest version of our app for iPhone and for Android … you know, just in case.

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