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Helping People with Their Holiday Tasks: Doing Social Good

TaskRabbit Runners have been helping people all over town with their Holiday Tasks. They’ve been decking the halls and spreading Holiday Cheer and we wanted to share one of those stories with you.

A recent Task that one of our Rabbits completed was for Anu M. who is mother to a sixteen month old boy as well as a working professional. Anu took part in the Compass Center “Adopt-a-Family” Holiday Support program that pairs individuals or groups with a needy family who cannot afford to buy holiday gifts. She had shopped for all the things on the family’s list except for one of the children’s main gifts.

When she found herself short on time, and coming down with a cold, she knew she needed help to meet her deadline. She remembered that she had a TaskRabbit credit she had purchased through a group buying site. So she logged on to taskrabbit.com, signed up for a free account and posted her task. Within minutes she recieved a bid from Alanna G.

Alanna G., one of TaskRabbit’s top runners, made sure that all of Anu’s last minute details were taken care of. She finished up the shopping and arranged and executed the delivery of the gifts to the center for the “adopted family”. Anu was thankful that she was able to get the extra help that she needed. She gave Alanna a rating of five stars along with this comment: Alanna was responsive and responsible. A pleasure to work with.

Here at TaskRabbit we get to help people everyday with a wide variety of tasks but its altruistic ones like these that really warm our little bunny hearts.

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