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Good book on raising Venture Capital

I had read the book, Raising Venture Capital for the Serious Entrepreneur, by Dermot Berkery, while still at IBM, but I didn’t want to raise any “red flags” at the time, so I kept it quiet.  Aside from the fact that the word “serious” in the title cracks me up, as if to say, if you are not “serious”, you are wasting both your time and the authors by reading this book, it was an excellent read!  Well written, especially for the reader coming from a completely different place, technology, versus having a business background.  I would highly recommend it as a first read, just to sort of get your bearings on the whole process.  The content was unassuming, and everything was explained from the ground up.  I have to admit, I was drawn right into this fascinating, strange, new, world of venture capital, and actually thoroughly enjoyed it as a beach read during the last vacation to Puerto Rico.  It was recommended to me by a friend that works at a VC firm, the author and this friend are both Harvard Business School graduates.

I’m glad I read it with a highlighter in hand, so now I can go back and quickly look at points or ideas I found important the first time through.  There are some good case study examples, which is helpful in thinking about how to apply those concepts to what I want to do.  There is also an entire section on valuing an early-stage venture, where it describes the difficulty in applying the traditional valuation techniques and gives perspectives on how valuations are decided in these cases.

Pick it up if you are a *serious* entrepreneur … or even just a programmer, with an idea, and you want to learn what the whole VC funding process is all about!

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