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TaskRabbit’s Father’s Day gift guide


Father’s Day is around the corner and now is the time to figure out that perfect gift for Dad. We’ve put together a list of ideas on how you can surprise Dad this year with the help of TaskRabbit.

Hire a Tasker to help get your yard back in order. A Tasker can help clear weeds, clear trimmings, and replant gardens.


A Tasker can give your outdoor grill the deep cleaning it needs in order to get it ready for a season of BBQs.

Give him the day off by booking him a virtual assistant. From organizing files to managing your inbox a Tasker can help you get important tasks done efficiently.


Get Dad’s favorite snacks dropped off right at his front door with contactless delivery. A Tasker will pick up what you need and get it dropped off quickly and carefully.


Help Dad tackle his tasks around the house with the help of a handyman. From home repairs to mounting a TV, a Tasker will help Dad checkoff his to-do list.

Give Dad the gift of time this Father’s Day  — schedule a Tasker today!


A letter to the TaskRabbit community

Stacy headshot uncropped

Dear TaskRabbit Community,

As many of you now know, I’ve made the incredibly difficult decision to leave TaskRabbit. This is one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. I love TaskRabbit, I love my team, and I’m passionate about the TaskRabbit mission to make everyday life easier for everyday people. Making the decision to leave something you love is never easy. 

As strange as it may seem, the unique and difficult circumstances of the last few months have served to instill confidence that TaskRabbit will not only succeed, but thrive without me. The team has risen to the challenges of adapting the business to a worldwide pandemic, working from home, and now are rallying around each other to address issues of racial injustice in ways that are both inspiring and humbling. We’re virtually standing shoulder to shoulder to deliver a service the world needs now more than ever. 

Both the Board of Directors and IKEA have been incredibly supportive of my decision, and both have complete confidence in the TaskRabbit team to continue executing our plan. We’ve had extensive discussions about my replacement and the importance of diverse and inclusive leadership. They are interviewing a number of highly qualified candidates from outside TaskRabbit, and I know they’ll find the right person for the job. Since we agree that a smooth transition in leadership is critical, I’ll be staying on until the end of August to help ensure we continue our momentum and amazing growth trajectory. Moving forward, I firmly believe that the planet’s best leadership team, our passionate and talented employees, and our valued partner IKEA are together an unstoppable force that will drive TaskRabbit’s long-term success. 

I decided to join TaskRabbit in 2013, because I fell in love with the mission and took the leap to join an inspiring founder and build something great together. At that time, we operated in just nine U.S. cities. Today, we operate in thousands of cities across six countries – more than any other marketplace of our type in the world. 

When I took over as CEO in 2016, I wanted nothing more than to build a legacy around the future of work and realize our vision of bringing TaskRabbit everywhere, for everyone. Along the way, we marked some important milestones, including our sale to IKEA in 2017. Partnering with the world’s largest furniture retailer has not only accelerated our growth but given us the opportunity to help shape the future of retail. And let’s face it: putting furniture together got a whole lot easier for a whole lot of people.

I’m proud of the opportunity I’ve had to help change lives. Millions of clients depend on TaskRabbit to get more things done around the home. Taskers depend on us to earn a meaningful income, and many of them are women and people of color. We are doing our part to close the gap on income inequality and help to pull people out of poverty, and are more committed than ever to continuing this critical work. 

We also created TaskRabbit for Good to further extend the power of our platform. After growing up in Detroit, it means so much to me to be able to donate some of our profits to community organizations dedicated to helping people find work and a place to call home. Now, our Tasks for Good program is enabling volunteers to provide essential services at no cost during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Taskers are the real heroes right now and are core to the memories that I will forever treasure from my time at TaskRabbit.

I am grateful to our entire community – all of you – for being part of this journey. With your help, TaskRabbit has built something special and bigger than anything we could have done alone. 


Stacy Brown-Philpot


How to make a room do double duty: tips for making a room multifunctional 

roberto-nickson-emqnSQwQQDo-unsplashFor a lot of us, the best kind of home decor is the kind that is both functional and fabulous. From a home office that doubles as a playroom to a living room that doubles as a bedroom, there is no reason a room can’t meet two of your needs, instead of just one. Whether you have a spare room or a small apartment, these tips will help you create a room that works for you and is capable of doing double duty.

1. Combine ideas that work best together in your space

When thinking through which types of ideas you want to merge together consider the space you are working with and whether or not the ideas are compatible. A bedroom/kitchen? Probably not the best idea, unless you want your sheets smelling like your dinner. Some classic examples of ideas that work together include:

  • bedroom/living room
  • dining room/home office
  • guest bedroom/playroom
  • bedroom/gym

The goal is to combine ideas that function well together in terms of aesthetics, space, and functionality.

2. Prioritize the main function of the room

Determine what function the room will serve most and design from there. For example, if you are designing a room that will function as both a guest bedroom and a playroom, chances are the room will function primarily as a playroom. Design the room so that it’s kid-friendly and is easily cleaned up and switched over for guests.

3. Less is more

It’s easy to get carried away in the excitement of setting up a new space and before you know it, you end up with way too much furniture and accessories in one room. This can often make the space feel smaller and ultimately, not as functional. Decide on what’s most important and then add a few accessories from there.

4. Pick out multifunctional furniture

Your room is not the only thing that should be pulling double duty. Whether it’s a couch that’s doubling as a bed for your dream living room/bedroom or tables that also have built-in storage, make sure the furniture you pick out has multiple functions and works for your space. 

5. Tie it all together with color

You can add all the accessories and flair you want to a room but nothing ties it all together quite like color. Create a color palette that includes a two-to-three shade combination to make your multifunctional room feel unified and balanced.

Need help making the most out of your space? From handyman help to furniture assembly, a Tasker is here to help you get your dream space.





What Does Pride Mean to You?

Pride Blog Cover ImageHappy Pride! Every year in June, people around the world celebrate diversity, inclusion, and the LGBTQIA+ community. To us, celebrating Pride means promoting self-affirmation, dignity, and equal rights for all. It’s a time for people from all walks of life to stop and reflect on what it means to be truly accepting and accepted, and the peaceful, positive effect this can have on the world.

In recent chats with some of our Taskers and team members about what Pride means to them, we heard some truly moving stories that inspired us to continue creating a welcoming, inclusive community. Here’s what they had to say:

Brandy M.


Pride is a time where you are truly able to celebrate yourself as a whole person. For many of us in the LGBTQ community, we’ve spent a lot of our lives being ashamed of who we are. Many people still struggle with that even if they are out. Pride is a reminder that we shouldn’t feel ashamed and that we should actually celebrate who we are. I grew up in a small, conservative agriculture town with very few openly LGBTQ role models. Living there, it was hard to see a future where I would ever be able to be openly gay. When I moved away to college, my world opened up and I found myself able to finally picture that future.

It’s important to me to be very open about my identity so that those who are struggling with their own can see someone who has been able to overcome that struggle. I want to be the person who I needed to see when I was growing up closeted. I want to be the person who can give someone at least a little more hope that they can have a future where they are able to be their true selves. When you’re struggling and in the closet, it’s important to remember that there are people out there who support you and who love you. Just remember that if you are struggling, you are not alone, you are not unlovable, and there is nothing wrong with you.

Claire F.


“Pride Month provides a moment to reflect on what has changed for all of us LGBTQIA people, and what still needs to be addressed. I am a gay person, and the challenges I have to overcome on a daily basis are plentiful. From off-handed remarks to downright rudeness and harassment, it happens to all of us—more than most heterosexual people know.

I would love to live in a world where diversity is a virtue, and where everyone can live and love next to each other without hate. If you’re an LGBTQIA person out there struggling with adversity, this is exactly what Pride is for: Be proud, be you, be as out and bold as you want to be, or blend in if that is your thing. Just don’t ever let anyone put out your candle!

Sarena P.

knyjm3ddbfdfu8x1lixo-1.jpg“As a queer woman, Pride month is always important to me. It reminds me how far I’ve come in tackling my own internalized homophobia about being gay. It also reminds me that I have a community to support me.

Once upon a time in this country, if you were a queer person, you HAD to stay in the closet to work. Still, many people stay in the closet because they’re afraid that if they come out, there will be repercussions professionally. As an independent contractor for TaskRabbit, I’m lucky that I don’t typically have to worry about that. I can build my own business both within and outside of my LGBTQ community and know that I am supported and valued. Thanks, TaskRabbit!”

Kyle Y.

Pride month would never exist if queer people were quickly and comfortably accepted by our greater communities.To me, pride is defiance. It’s constructive anger in response to being regularly trivialized and swept to the margins of society. It’s visibility — gathering up on the streets to show your friends and neighbors that there are thousands of people with lives that you are actively hurting when you support policies that treat them as unimportant and ignorable.


Pride is the antidote to shame. As queer people, we have often spent huge swaths of our lives walking around and constantly thinking about how we present to other people for our own survival. We know being open about our sexualities and gender identities can come with a real threat of violence if we’re too open with the wrong person. We do not get the “luxury of oblivion” that traditionally heterosexual people enjoy. We learn to be strategic and to be guarded. Imagine carrying that much anxiety from constant self-monitoring for your whole life. Because you can’t just “be yourself” in casual situations, it can weigh on your psyche and brew feelings of shame and neurosis.Pride is how we get together and flip these rotten thoughts the bird. Though we may be told otherwise by the rest of society, we know we’re living harmless decent lives, and we’re not going to be told otherwise. Not only that, but we’ve developed our own shared culture, and we’re a hell of a lot of fun.

One of our goals at TaskRabbit is to help everyone live lives they can be proud of, no matter who they are or where they come from. Embracing diversity doesn’t just help us celebrate different types of people. It also helps us bring people closer together—which always has a positive effect on the world.

Outdoor and Indoor Garden Inspired Tasks


Nothing says summer like warm weather and thriving plants around your home. That’s why we’ve pulled together a few of our favorite garden-inspired tasks to help you flex your green thumb. Whether you have a back yard, a small patio, or just a little extra space inside, these projects are perfect for any home.

Raised Garden Bed

raised garden

If your goal is to have fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs on hand, this project is for you. A raised garden bed, also known as a planing box, is the perfect addition to any backyard. Just build your boxes, plant your seeds, and get ready for fresh food to grow. 

Need help building your boxes? Book handyman help.

One-pot vegetable garden

If you don’t have the space for a garden bed, have no fear. You can still achieve your goal of a (smaller) beautiful fresh garden. All you need is a large container (try a galvanized water trough), soil, and seeds for some of your go-to ingredients. Need some inspiration?  A few of our favorite go-to’s are tomatoes, basil, and chives. Did someone say pasta sauce? 

Hanging Wall Garden

plants in pot on wall

Photo by Mark Neal on

A modern take on a hanging basket, a hanging wall garden is a fun way to add more plant life and decor to your space. Not sure what plants to include? First determine if you want to hand it inside or outside and adjust your plant choices from there. Don’t have time to take care of an entire wall of plants? Choose cacti, succulents, or air plants for lower maintenance.

Need help hanging your wall garden? Book mounting help.

Give Your Plants a Refresh

potted plants

Sometimes the best project is a refresh. Upgrade your plants this summer with new planters and fresh soil to help them continue to grow and stay vibrant. 

Book a Tasker to help you tackle all of your garden tasks this summer.

The Most Valuable Life Lessons We Learned from Mom

Mother's Day Email - 1

We can thank our moms for a laundry list of gifts: love, patience, support, and teaching us important life skills like confidence and, we’ll admit, how to do laundry. Let’s be honest, moms deserve to be recognized every day for the impact they’ve had on our lives. This Mother’s Day, we asked Taskers and the TaskRabbit HQ team for valuable life lessons they learned from Mom that have stayed with them through the years.

What’s the most valuable life lesson you learned from Mom?

Mother's Day“My mom used to always say that every woman needs two outfits in her closet: one that she can wear if her dream job calls for an interview and another she can wear if a plane ticket to Paris falls in her lap.” – Jamie C., Sr. Operations Associate

“Women are full human beings. They hold up half the sky.” Tasker Jules L., NYC

“Focus on your education. No one can take what’s in your brain from you.” – Stacy B., CEO

“Say what you mean and mean what you say.” – Tasker Joshua B., London

“My home was the type of home always filled with children, where other parents came looking for their children. I didn’t necessarily understand the values of charity, compassion, and hospitality as a child but as an adult I realized that’s what makes the world go round, and I’m so grateful to my mum for teaching me that.” – Anonymous

“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, ‘I’m possible.’” – Asher B., Product Designer

“Be like a duck. Let it roll off your back.” – Heidi A., Product Manager

What’s a life hack you learned from Mom that you’ll never forget?

“The most valuable thing my mom has taught me is that I will only be treated as well as I treat myself. So to dedicate time every day to making the spaces I work and live in beautiful and reflective of the life that I want and deserve.” – Anna C., Community Manager

“You can always add, but you can never take away. (Applies to chiselling as much as a cake mix.) Tidy up as you go along. Use the right settings on appliances.” – Tasker Joshua B., London

dishes2“For super clean windows: equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle, wipe windows with newspaper for no streaks. To deglaze a pan, put a little bit of water in the pan and bring it to a boil. With a spoon, scrape off all the stain.” – Sara B., Recruiting Coordinator

“Put extra trash bags under the one in the trash. Makes trash so easy especially when working an event or bartending by yourself.” – Tasker Nicole D., NYC

“My mom is an interior decorator, so I’ve picked up a lot from her over the years. One of my favorite tips from her is to make furniture ‘puzzle pieces’ when you are trying to figure out a layout for a room. Cut out to-scale renderings of the furniture you want to place in a room, and move them around a to-scale blueprint of the room. This way you can try out several arrangements without the heavy lifting!” – Jamie C., Sr. Operations Associate



TaskRabbit For Good Gives Back


Giving back and supporting the communities we serve is integral to TaskRabbit’s mission. That’s why we’re continuing to give back to small grassroots organizations this Giving Tuesday through TaskRabbit For Good’s (TR4G) community grant program. 

Recipients of this grant are all closely aligned with TR4G’s mission of helping neighbors in need find work and a place to call home, and we’re excited to award them each a $10,000 grant to continue their great work. Keep reading to learn more about this spring’s winners.

Meet our 2020 grant recipients


Homes Not Borders (Hyattsville, MD)

Homes Not Borders provides the refugee and asylum-seeking population of the D.C. area with all they need to succeed and feel at home in the United States. They do this by providing them with all they need for a new home upon arrival and job training and mentorships after they have settled in.

With this grant, they plan to launch a new program to provide career mentors to all recently resettled professionals (most of which come from the SIV [“Special Immigrant Visa holders”] community, who have worked with the U.S. military). It would help the SIVs make professional connections through mentorships with people who have already been working in their field for several years.


B.A.R.E. Truth Inc. (Gardena, CA)

B.A.R.E. TRUTH provides mentorship, independent living assistance, and wellness services to impoverished individuals and families, helping them attain healthy, purpose-driven lives, ultimately changing the economic and living conditions of communities. B.A.R.E. Truth Inc. provides shared and transitional housing to individuals who currently are without a home or living in shelters. 

B.A.R.E. TRUTH Inc. will be using this grant to address the shortage of beds and space within their homes. They also seek to open their fourth home within the next six months, which would allow them to provide housing to 30-60 individuals who currently experience homelessness and are on their waitlist.


New Women New Yorkers Inc. (New York City, NY)

New Women New Yorkers empowers immigrant women to obtain meaningful employment or pursue higher education in NYC, and offers a safe, inclusive space where they can build community and share their stories. Their work is guided by the values of inclusion and diversity, equality of opportunities, and freedom to choose a professional path. They offer two workforce development programs, LEAD and Bridge to LEAD, which provide soft skills training, networking opportunities, and support tailored to participants’ individual needs and professional goals.

They will use this grant to cover expenses for LEAD and Bridge to LEAD workshop series during Summer and Fall 2020, complemented by programming and individual support services, serving 25 to 30 immigrant women from diverse backgrounds. They also plan to hire Taskers to perform a variety of data entry and office administration tasks that they need help with. 


North Shore Women’s Centre Society (Vancouver, BC)

North Shore assists women and their families find work and a place to call home in a number of ways by supporting women in transition; those who have left abusive relationships, those who are recovering from an addiction, those who are new immigrants to Canada and those working through mental health challenges. North Shore supports them from where they are at in their journey and in a holistic way. All of their services are free of charge.

North Shore will use this Community Grant to update its computers and office equipment and extend its hours of operation. In addition, they will be hiring  Taskers to help them update and improve the interior of their current resource center facility.


La Cloche  (Paris, FR)

La Cloche develops and operates programs to promote the social integration of homeless people in their neighborhoods. Their main program focuses on providing workforce training, including resume writing, interview training, and up-skilling to homeless individuals.

With this grant, La Cloche will help pay for a new Project Manager who will oversee their main program, as well as supplies and resources to support that program. They are also excited to hire Taskers to set up their new office and teach individuals in their workforce training program valuable skills.
Want to learn more about TaskRabbit For Good and how you can get involved? Click here.

Building Community with TaskRabbit for Good



Here at TaskRabbit, we’re passionate about our core values. These values guide us to care deeply, level up, lead the future together, and be better neighbors, and we strive to live by them every day. They’ve also inspired us to give back to the communities in which we operate — and help make them better places to live.

To do so, we created TaskRabbit for Good (TR4G). TR4G makes it easier for clients, Taskers, and our employees to give back locally and make a difference on issues that matter. A portion of TaskRabbit’s service fee from all TR4G initiatives is donated to local nonprofits tackling challenges aligned with our goals — strengthening communities and helping neighbors in need find work and a place to call home. Keep reading to learn more about what TR4G and what we are doing to support our neighbors. 

Community Grants

We support small, grassroots organizations aligned with our mission to help our neighbors in need find work and/or a place to call come. Grants are funded through profits from donation drop-off tasks and contributions from TaskRabbit employees.

Workforce Development

We partner with community-based organizations to help individuals in need earn a meaningful, flexible income on our platform through leveling up their skills and work experience as Taskers. 

Local Volunteerism

We empower Taskers, clients, and employees to give back to the communities we call home through organized volunteer opportunities at local charities doing incredible work. We challenge our employees to think globally about their impact and how we can all use TaskRabbit as a force for good, including our Tasks for Good initiative. Tasks For Good allows vulnerable populations to get the help they need — at no cost. Through Tasks For Good you can become a volunteer Tasker and help your neighbors who need it most. 

Pledge 1%

In November 2019 TaskRabbit joined the Pledge 1% movement along with thousands of other companies worldwide, to strengthen communities by helping neighbors in need find work and a place to call home. Given the unique nature of our technology platform, which connects people looking for work to those who need help around the home, our TR4G mission — and now our commitment to Pledge 1% — built into our DNA since day one. 

How You Can Get Involved

Book A Donation Drop-Off

If you have items you’re looking to donate, book a Tasker to pick them up and donate them to your preferred charity. When you do, TaskRabbit will give a portion of the service fee from your donation drop-off tasks to local nonprofits through our TaskRabbit for Good Grants.


You can now add a $1 donation to your next task! When you do, it will go directly to partner organizations helping your neighbors who need it most.  

Become A Partner

The TaskRabbit for Good team partners with nonprofit organizations and companies looking to positively impact the communities in which they operate. Have a great idea of how we could work together to make an impact? Email us at

Virtual Help At Your Fingertips


Though you might be limiting in-person contact, you can still get help for a range of tasks from the comfort of your own home. From computer help to consultations, Taskers are available to virtually help. Learn more about virtual tasks below.

What is a virtual task?

Virtual tasks are fully remote and performed over the phone, on a video call, or through live chat. With virtual tasks, you can leverage the Taskers’ help — safely and easily.

Some jobs like research and data entry are already virtual. But many jobs that are traditionally carried out in-person can also be done virtually. Consultations, for example, can all easily be done over a call or chat. A Tasker can advise you on how to restore the internet if it cuts out; how to unclog a pipe at home; or how to fix an electrical fixture.

Examples of virtual tasks

Virtual tasks that you can book today include:

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Research
  • Data Entry
  • Computer Help
  • Consultations related to plumbing, mounting, or other household tasks.
  • Something else specific to you – all you need to do is explain it in the booking details!

How do I request a virtual task?

  • Select what type of job you are looking to have done.
  • Browse and book a trusted Tasker.
  • Let your Tasker know in the task details how they can virtually help you.

That’s all there is to it. 

Click here to start booking your virtual task. 

How to Book a Contactless Task

1200 x 800_ContactlessTask_Blog

At TaskRabbit, the health and safety of our community remains our highest priority. We’re here to help and are committed to safely connecting Taskers and clients for important and essential services.

We recognize that while it’s important for everyone to practice social distancing right now, you still have essential tasks that need to get done, like grocery shopping and picking up medicine. What’s more, it might be difficult or unsafe for you to leave your home. Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered with contactless tasks.

What does “contactless” mean?

During a contactless task, you and your Tasker agree to 

  1. Maintain a safe six-foot/two-meter separation (social distancing), and 
  2. Comply with all applicable public health guidelines in your area. 

What are some examples of contactless tasks?

There are all sorts of contactless tasks that might fit your needs: They include:

  • Shopping for and delivering groceries (Taskers can visit multiple stores on one trip)
  • Picking up and delivering medicine or household supplies
  • Running important errands
  • Dropping off donated medical or protective supplies 
  • Yardwork

With all of the above, you can rest assured knowing that your job will get done safely — and you can stay indoors the whole time.

How do I request a contactless task?

  • Browse and book a trusted Tasker for a contactless pick-up or delivery.
  • Let your Tasker know the details of what you need directly or through the app, including directions for contactless completion of the task. 
  • Pay seamlessly through the app once the Task has been completed. If your task includes any expenses, your Tasker will provide you with a receipt and we’ll charge the credit card attached to your account.

Sound easy? That’s how it should be. Book a contactless task here. Thanks for doing your part to keep your community safe!