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These Are A Few of Our Favorite Tasks

When life happens, we’re there for you — especially during this holiday season. Homes need to be prepped for winter, gifts need to be wrapped, and celebrations are awaiting. So we thought it would be fun to play a little round of “TaskRabbit Tic Tac Toe: Holiday Edition.” Here’s how it works:



Too busy to purchase holiday decorations at a party store, or unpack and hang the decorations from last year? Hire a Tasker to help make your space cheery for the season. Don’t have a tall enough ladder to hang lights around the perimeter of your roof? Hire a Tasker to do it — and then take them all down (whether you’re the type of person who un-decks the halls a day after Christmas or well into spring!)

Real task inspiration:

“I need someone to install large multi-color Christmas lights on our new home. My fiancee and I are busy moving into the home and getting ready for our wedding, and as this is our new home she has dreams of lighting up the house, and I’d like your help to make that happen.”

“We’re looking for someone to make 96 Christmas tree skirts for our upcoming holiday party.”

“I have a dry, pokey Christmas tree I need to bring down to the apartment dumpster in the garage. Because the tree is so pokey, sturdy work gloves are a must.”

To play TaskRabbit Tic Tac Toe, book the following tasks to deck your halls:

Decorating → Mounting → Cleaning


Holiday parties are a “work hard, play hard” situation. Let the Taskers do the “work hard” part so you can relax and revel. 

Real task inspiration:

“The company I work for is hosting a gift wrapping party for our customers. Anyone who brings in an unwrapped gift can come in and get their gift wrapped while they eat cookies, drink wine, and sip hot chocolate! We are looking for Taskers to be on-site wrapping gifts.”

“I’m looking for a Tasker to clean my senior parents’ house prior to Christmas guests.”

To play TaskRabbit Tic Tac Toe, book the following tasks for your holiday party:

Delivery → Event Staffing → Cleaning


Santa gets all the credit, but hire Taskers to do your holiday shopping for you and avoid the crowds. Bonus points if you book a Tasker to take donations to charity during the holiday season, whether it’s gently used clothing or furniture.

Real task inspiration:

“Looking for a detail-oriented Tasker to put together 150 holiday gifts for our clients. This includes tying cinnamon sticks and rosemary around tea boxes, safely wrapping whiskey tumblers, etc. No gift wrapping involved.”

“I need help wrapping 4 boxes, but there’s a catch. This is for a game called “unwrap the gift” where a group of people race to unwrap a box that has been wrapped up 5+ times–while wearing oven mitts.” 

To play TaskRabbit Tic Tac Toe, book the following tasks for your holiday party:

Shopping → Gift Wrapping → Donation

Need a hand this holiday season? Make life easier with help from a Tasker. 

Stress-Free Holiday Hosting Tips


When it comes to holiday parties, everyone wants to be the host(ess) with the mostest. But that doesn’t mean juggling hosting duties alone. We asked Taskers and friends to share their best tips for stress-free holiday hosting. Read on for ways to stay sane throughout the happiest time of year.

Make a plan. Then make a Plan C.

“Embrace your ‘Plan B’s’ & ‘Plan C’s’ and ask for help as often as you can. Asking others for assistance is a great way to accomplish more while sharing the holiday spirit.” – McKay M., Phoenix Tasker

Don’t do it all at once!

“Planning in stages really helps. Pre-planning the decor makes it so much easier so that when you get to the store you actually have a plan and not just buy everything that you think will work! Next I plan the menu and write out what dishes I want to make, what dishes I will be ordering and from where, and the list of ingredients I will need. And then, you start delegating!” – Tiffany Ish, @tiffanyish

Clear out closet space.

Welcoming people at the door is hectic enough without frantically trying to find a place to store their coats. Make room in a hallway closet or set up a rolling coat rack for guests to easily keep track of their jackets. Don’t have storage space? Clear off a bed and have guests place coats there.

Give people a job.

“Most of us feel like we have to do all the heavy lifting when hosting but really, people are looking to you to tell them what you need. From grabbing wine to folding napkins and setting the table, it’s fun to delegate jobs to people you know will enjoy being helpful. My dad always likes to be the gopher, so we send him on grocery runs. It’s a win/win for everyone!” – Kate Arends, @witanddelight


Minimize cleanup.

The last job you want to do when guests leave is cleanup. Save yourself an additional chore by covering the counter or table with a large roll of craft paper to protect from spills. Now you can label dishes or even create a cheese and charcuterie board straight on the paper. When the night is over, just rip off the paper and toss it in the trash.

Need an extra set of hands throughout the holidays? Book a Tasker to help. 


Giving Back to Local Heroes with ‘Task the Season


Giving back and supporting the communities we serve is integral to TaskRabbit’s mission. This holiday season, we’re thanking individuals and organizations who make a positive impact on their local communities through our ‘Task the Season initiative. We scoured the US and UK for unsung local heroes and surprised them with Taskers to help make their holiday wishes come true. Meet our honorees and see how they’ve made the people and places around them better and brighter. 


Kay Champagne – Austin, TX 

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 12.22.41 PM.pngAs a grant writer for the Texas Ramp Project, Kay has spent the past 12 years helping to ensure that no Texas resident lacks mobility and safe access at home. Thanks to Kay and TRP, the ramps provide clients with safety, independence, and improved quality of life by allowing clients to age in place at home, surrounded by those who love and care for them. To celebrate Kay’s hard work and dedication, Taskers will help construct ramps for Austin-based residents in need this month.

Anita Buckel – Phoenix, AZ 

Anita co-founded Furnishing Dignity in 2014 because she saw that many people transitioning out of homelessness or foster care lacked living essentials for their new homes. Taskers will be helping Anita and her team set up furniture in the homes of several individuals and families who are transitioning out of homelessness or foster care in the Phoenix area, ensuring that their houses feels like a home this holiday season.

Vanessa Henriques – Los Angeles, CA 

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 3.46.18 PM.pngWe’ve partnered with journalist and cancer survivor Amanda Salas to honor someone she considers a hero: Vanessa Henriques. Amanda and Vanessa bonded over a shared struggle — Vanessa’s son was battling Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, the same cancer Amanda herself has been dealing with. Vanessa is often stretched thin, as she is managing her son’s care and raising her children as a single mom. We will be providing Vanessa with Tasker support so that she can focus on what matters most: her family.

Sergei Urban & – London, UK 

In the UK, we’ve partnered with Sergei Urban, founder of The Dad Lab, to donate to As the dad to two boys, Sergei knows that every child can shine when they’re given the opportunity. That’s’s mission, too: helping lift families out of poverty through programs like comprehensive education, groups for pregnant moms in Kenya, and forming women and girls’ groups focusing on life skills. We’re providing with extra helping hands from Taskers, allowing them to renovate their new co-working space, Cahoots, so their team can focus on continuing their life-changing work.


In addition to our ‘Task The Season recipients, we’re awarding three $10,000 grants to local nonprofits through our inaugural TaskRabbit for Good (TR4G) community grant program. This year’s recipients are all closely aligned with TR4G’s mission of helping neighbors in need find work and a place to call home, and we’re excited to help them continue their great work. 

Grateful Gatherings – San Francisco, CA

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 3.46.28 PM

Grateful Gatherings furnishes the homes of families transitioning from homelessness or crisis as they move into a new place. They provide new beds, furniture, kitchen items, linens, curtains, carpets and other household essentials — all within a single day — to create a safe, comfortable home for those who need it most. 

The First 72+ – New Orleans, LA

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 3.46.37 PMRun by formerly incarcerated individuals, The First 72+, aims to end the cycle of incarceration by fostering independence and self-sustainability through education, stable and secure housing, employment, health care, and community engagement. The organization will leverage the TaskRabbit grant to expand the support they offer and ultimately, help more people. 

The Beam Foundation – London, UK

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 3.46.44 PMBased in the UK, The Beam Foundation aims to promote the education of people experiencing homelessness, people with disabilities, and people with a criminal record by providing assistance in the form of crowdfunded vocational training to help their community members into stable, skilled work. It will leverage the TR4G grant to support six individuals experiencing homelessness with job training so they can seek and obtain skilled work. 

We’re proud and thrilled to honor these individuals and local organizations, and hope that it helps make their holidays merry and bright, while also inspiring others to give back and spread good cheer. Learn more about about ‘Task the Season and these heroes and organizations here

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The United States of Waiting


Americans spend over 37 billion hours a year waiting in line. It’s no surprise that Black Friday and other holiday sales account for a hefty chunk of those hours, but we were curious to see what motivates people to stand (or hire someone else to stand) in line. So we dug into the thousands of waiting in line tasks done by Taskers in the past four years to see what exactly is worth the wait.

When do we wait?

It’s no surprise the most popular day for waiting in line tasks during the holidays is Saturday, closely followed by Friday. Surprise surprise, one wants is waiting in line on Mondays.


How long do we wait?

In 2 hours, the length of the average waiting in line task, you could watch five Friends episodes, run a half marathon, or drive halfway from New York to Boston.


It’s holiday time in the city

New Yorkers are the kings and queens of waiting in line over the holidays thanks to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, holiday sales, skating rink lines, and more festive local festivities. But Atlanta takes the title for city that spends the longest time in line during the holidays.

When it comes to the rest of the year though, San Francisco takes the title for city that spends the longest time in line.


What’s worth the wait?

Concert and show tickets, visas, sales, tables at brunch … here’s what people around the US are waiting in line for.


Some favorites? According to waiting in line requests on TaskRabbit from the past four years, Washington, DC goes crazy for tables at brunch spot Rose’s Luxury and Filipino restaurant Bad Saint. New York City loves show tickets (Broadway and Shakespeare in the Park are popular ones) and restaurant reservations (notably, Black Tap milkshakes, Dominique Ansel pastries, and Sugarfish sushi). Meanwhile, San Franciscans line up for dinner at State Bird Provisions and fire pits at Ocean Beach, while Angelenos get help waiting for restaurant reservations, concert tickets, at the DMV, and for Dockweiler Beach bonfires.

Washington, DC

Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 8.46.57 AM-1.png

New York City

San Francisco

Los Angeles

Step out of line this holiday season. Let a Tasker help instead.

TaskRabbit Takes the Pledge 1% Challenge

Making everyday life easier for everyday people has been TaskRabbit’s mission from the start, and that mission has taken form in TaskRabbit for Good (TR4G). Now, as part of TR4G, we’re proud to announce that we’ve joined the Pledge 1% movement along with thousands of other companies worldwide, to strengthen communities by helping neighbors in need find work and a place to call home. Given the unique nature of our technology platform, which connects people looking for work to those who need help around the home, our TR4G mission and now our commitment to Pledge 1%, was built into our DNA since day one. 

IMG_1935 (1).JPG

Pledge 1% is a global movement that aims to create a new normal for companies of all sizes, and enable them to have a positive social impact through their business. TaskRabbit will be pledging 1% of our time to volunteer with non-profit organizations dedicated to helping people find work or a place to call home in the communities we serve. We will achieve this through a combination of company office-wide community service days to support organizations such as Breaking Ground (New York, NY), Providence Row (London, UK), Hamilton Families (San Francisco, CA), Episcopal Community Services (San Francisco, CA), and Mobile Loaves & Fishes (Austin, TX), as well as department-specific volunteer events, and volunteer time at a charity of each employee’s choice.

We’ve all experienced moments when we needed a helping hand — and someone reached out offering support — whether it was an organization or a friend. Pledge 1% is an extension of our ethos of neighbors helping neighbors. We’re proud to join the Pledge 1% community and encourage other companies to join us in taking the pledge and leveraging their business as a force for good. 

Find out more about Pledge 1% at


Ready to tackle that to-do list — and maybe do some good in the process by scheduling a donation pickup or drop-off? Book a Tasker today. Interested in becoming a Tasker? Sign up here.


Mounting Tips & Tricks: Getting Started

Gallery Wall

If you go by the artfully hung gallery walls, shelves, art, and TVs you see on Instagram, everyone seems to be blessed with impeccable mounting skills. But for most of us, securely hanging and aligning everything just right involves a never-ending series of desperate maneuvering. That’s why mounting is one of the most popular tasks on TaskRabbit.

We asked elite Taskers Isaac S. and Nick C. to share their top mounting tips and tricks. In part 1, Isaac and Nick cover what you should have in your toolbox, how to determine your wall type, the basic structure of a wall, and what to tell your Tasker to make your mounting task a breeze.


Here’s what you need in your toolbox:

  • Safety first! Eye protection and a face mask rated N95 or higher, as these have a strong filter to help protect from dust that can come from drywall drilling.
  • Ear protection (if drilling through concrete).
  • A stud finder — a more reliable tool thank the knuckles-on-wall method.
  • Drill and bits. Different wall types will require different drills and bits, which makes understanding your wall type all the more essential.
  • Mounting hardware (bolts, drywall anchors, and screws).
  • Tape measure. Measure twice, drill once.
  • Spirit level. Isaac recommends getting one with a laser, which helps you stay as accurate as possible with alignment.
  • A strong magnet in case you’re having trouble finding studs.

The nice-to-haves:

  • A pencil or blue painter’s tape for marking the spot where your items will go on the wall.
  • Hammer — unless you’re using picture hanging nails, hammers aren’t generally needed but are good to keep on hand, just in case.
  • Extra mounting hardware
    • For certain items, it’s good to prepare yourself with extra pieces of mounting hardware to anticipate missing or broken pieces.
  • A multi-setting stud-finder for finding pipes or metal in the wall.
  • Spackle to fill in any unwanted holes.

Art mounted by Tasker Isaac S.


Figuring out what type of wall you’re dealing with is a crucial first step. While our Taskers could never cover all the intricacies of residential construction here, they’ll give you a basic overview of the most common wall types you might encounter and what hardware you’ll need for each type.

  • Drywall: Won’t be too flaky when drilled into.
  • Lathe & Plaster: Will be flaky when drilled into, and create more dust.
  • Concrete: Sometimes hidden underneath wallpaper or paint. To check, knock on the wall first. If it’s solid and hurts your knuckles, it’s most likely concrete. Remember, in order to drill into concrete, you need a hammer drill and special drill bits.
  • Brick & Masonry: Brick is relatively recognizable and usually will be exposed. That said, while it’s rare to have brick behind drywall, sometimes it does happen. If this is the case, your pilot hole will tell you instantly. To mount on brick and masonry, you should have a concrete drill bit.
  • Cinder Block: Falls into the masonry category. In some cases, a toggle bolt can be used for this.


Walls are often built by hanging drywall or other surface material onto studs, which are vertically placed supports that are spaced roughly 16–24 inches (40–60 cm) apart.

Studs can be wood or metal. The difference matters! Wood studs are fairly easy to deal with. They are usually 2 inches (5 cm) wide, giving you a bit of leeway when it comes to finding the center point to drill into. Metal studs are narrower than wood studs, and they also may require a bit more pressure when you’re driving a self-tapping screw. 

Drywall panel over wooden studs is the most classic wall type you’ll come across. It’s most common in homes and buildings under three stories and in older buildings. Each stud is 1 ½ inches (4 cm) wide and 3 ½ inches (9cm) deep with drywall screwed directly onto them. It’s easy to mount on this surface because you just drill straight into the wooden studs.


Shelves mounted for @forwardfeatures by Tasker Nat J.


Does all of the above complicated? It can be, which is why mounting is one of the most popular tasks people get done with the help of a Tasker. Here’s helpful information to have on hand when communicating with your Tasker.

  • What type of wall do you have? Most walls are drywall, plaster, lathe, concrete, cinder block, masonry, or brick. If you’re not sure, send some photos to your Tasker to confirm.
  • What room in the house will the mounting take place?
  • Do you have a ladder, or should your Tasker bring one?
  • Is there furniture that will need to be moved out of the way? If there’s furniture beneath the item the Tasker will be mounting that can’t be moved, do you have blankets to protect the furniture during the task?
  • How high off the ground should the item be mounted?
  • Should the item be centered? If so, what should it be centered in relation to?

Ready to create the gallery wall, shelf, or TV setup of your dreams? Make it easy with the help of a Tasker.

Scream-Inducing Home DIY Horror Stories



While we love a good DIY project, we’ve also seen what happens when things go south. In honor of Halloween, we’ve rounded up some home improvement horror stories that remind us that sometimes it’s better if we don’t do it ourselves. These might have you covering your eyes faster than you can say “haunted house.” 


“When we moved into our house, it had wood paneling on the walls in the den. After 15 years of living with them, we decided we would replace them and put up textured walls. Well, we successfully took them down about two years ago. Still waiting for the motivation and money to put up those textured walls. For now, we have to live with our cardboard cave.”

— Pamela M.


“My roommates and I tried to upgrade our couch, but in order to do so, we needed to get it out of our apartment first. Unfortunately, we never made it past our living room. The couch was too big to fit through our doorframe, and we couldn’t for the life of us figure out how to get it into pieces without destroying it AND a few of the tools along the way.”

— Casey C.


“When my husband and I moved to our new apartment last year, the hanging light fixture in the living room was so ugly and made the room feel so small that I wanted to replace it immediately. We found a new one online and ordered it with full intentions of doing the replacement ourselves. For some reason, we decided that Friday night after a particularly long week of work was a great time to attempt this project. Taking down the current fixture was super easy, and we were pumped to get the new one up within the hour and then order dinner and relax the rest of the night.

“Three hours later, we were sweating, starving, and not speaking to each other — having completely failed at installing the new fixture. There was crumbled paint from the ceiling all over the floor where we had tried to secure it to no avail, and live wires hanging dubiously above our heads. We cleaned up the mess but weren’t able to get an electrician to come help us with the installation until Monday, so we had no light in the room the rest off the weekend while we prayed that the wires wouldn’t spontaneously spark and burn our apartment down.”

— Victoria H.


  • More stressful than having a baby
  • Couch through window frame don’t ask
  • Horrible no fun very bad day
  • UHaul backing up oh there’s garage.
  • Shoved box spring up switchback stairs.
  • One weekend  two trips storage locked.
  • Day prior vandals removed all the doorknobs!
  • sheer disaster caused by DIY overconfidence
  • Real life “Friends” moment – Pivot! Pivot!
  • Reducing 2 bedroom to converted van.


“I was making a paper flower wreath and the flowers were white and yellow so I thought it would be nice to spray them with some golden paint just to have a small effect of golden paint over the flowers. The result was I RUINED IT because while the top of the spray can said gold (‘Oro’), the can said tobacco color.”

— Victoria L.

In over your head with a DIY project? Avoid the Pinterest fails with help from a seasoned Tasker. 


Coffee Break with Treehouse Designer Daryl McDonald

In Coffee Break, we catch people who inspire us during a rare break in their busy days for a virtual coffee date. We chat about what drives their personal and professional passions, how they get reenergized at home, and what they’re currently obsessing over. 


Credit: Nelson Treehouse and Supply

Daryl McDonald has the job we all dreamed of having as kids (and we won’t lie, it’s a job some of us still dream of having as adults). A designer and project manager for Nelson Treehouse and Supply (featured on the Animal Planet show Treehouse Masters), Daryl is one of the creative minds behind Nelson’s dreamy treetop abodes. Daryl’s start in treehouse design and construction came when he started working for Nelson Treehouse in between semesters studying political science at the University of Washington. When he weighed his post-graduate options (law school vs. building treehouses), he chose his passion and hasn’t looked back. Nowadays Daryl spends most of his time helping clients with custom designs, consultations, and working on large-scale projects like Treehouse Utopia in Texas and an upcoming resort in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. When he’s not deep in construction plans or perched on a ladder, you can still find him in nature, snowboarding, mountain biking, and hiking. Read on to see where Daryl finds inspiration and what he loves most about building treehouses.

How did Nelson Treehouse and Supply come to be?

Back in the day, Pete Nelson started the company Tree-House Workshop with a partner in 1997. Around 2012, they went their separate ways and Pete started Nelson Treehouse and Supply. In 2015, we started filming Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet, and the show ended last fall. Currently, we typically have two to three jobs happening in the field at any point.


What’s one project you’ve worked on lately, that made you come alive? 

The good thing about treehouses is that every single one is different. Nelson Treehouse’s design philosophy is that the tree itself dictates the design, so when we approach a treehouse, we take inspiration from the tree first and foremost. Obviously, client requirements come into play, but every single tree is unique and that’s why we like building treehouses. That said, a project we did in the San Juan Islands comes to mind — we got to mix different types of materials and do a modern design, which is a little bit of a departure from our usual Northwestern craftsman approach.


A treehouse in the San Juan Islands. Credit: Nelson Treehouse and Supply

What’s one thing about carpentry that most people don’t realize? 

The good thing about carpentry is that it’s obviously not rocket science, but something people don’t realize is that in order to be proficient at it, you have to be thinking two to three steps ahead. You have to anticipate the next step so that your progress doesn’t end up conflicting.

Finish this sentence: good design is…

Inspirational and functional.


Credit: Nelson Treehouse and Supply

What words of advice do you have for people who want to get into carpentry and woodworking? Any tips for getting started? 

Woodworking and carpentry can get very complicated very quickly, but there are so many things you can do with just a few tools. It’s easy to get overwhelmed in the beginning, but you can literally get a piece of wood and start sanding and layering and you’ve already got a project going. It’s easy to build on your successes from there. You don’t need a fully fledged workshop, the important thing is to just get started.


Credit: Nelson Treehouse and Supply

What’s your favorite way to prepare for a busy day? What about to unwind at the end of the day? 

I’m a big list maker, so I have a pretty good checklist whenever I’m coming in to a busy day. This is important as I’m the project manager for projects happening in the field and l take care of a lot of complications with people building their own treehouses and help them with their own designs. Looking at my desk right now, I’ve got eight different projects — with all this on my plate, I’d say prioritizing is the most important way to prepare, and understanding that not everything has to get done in a single day.

As for unwinding ⁠— around here, we’re close to the mountains. It’s really nice and ideal for going out for a hike in the woods at the end of the day. There’s a Japanese term, “Shinrin-yoku”, which translates to forest bathing, that I think describes it well. Basically, it’s not necessarily hiking to get a destination but rather the idea of being somewhere and taking it in. Just being where you are, experiencing the place you’re in. The mountains are amazing and we’re lucky to have them so close by.


Credit: Nelson Treehouse and Supply

What was the first place you called home? Your favorite place you’ve called home?

The first place I called home was Seabrook Beach, New Hampshire. I grew up there, five doors down from the beach with my family, including four sisters. It was a great place to grow up, being able to have a beach day pretty much anytime.

Currently, what are you…

  • Feeling inspired by: Nature. Our constant inspiration is always nature, and sometimes that translates into making structures in the trees. Biomimicry is a fun concept we like to take on—it always gets my creative juices going, being able to take something that occurs in nature and being able to translate it into human form, breaking things down to the most simple form.
  • Reading: The Perfectionists: How Precision Engineers Created the Modern World. I  got it from my father-in-law and just got started on it. The nice thing about treehouses and treehouse building is that it’s a combination of several different studies in a way—we start with structural engineers, and obviously we all are carpenters. And at the other end of the spectrum we have interior designers and furniture makers; it’s a cool way to combine different fields.
  • Watching: A British Design Show on Netflix called The Great Interior Design Challenge
  • Listening to: Pearl Jam. I’ve been going back through their albums and catalogue, they have an appropriate song called “In My Tree”.
  • Snacking on: This time of year, we’re eating lots of stuff from our garden. We have a good crop of green beans right now.
  • Next on your to-do list: Going back and looking at a complication for people making their own treehouse. We have some online plans on our site, and I help people adapt it to their own tree layout and figure out how to accommodate to them.
  • On your phone wallpaper: A photo from a hike my wife and I did last fall. It’s in black and white and in a local ice cave. The edges of the ice cave look kind of like they’ve been scalloped and texture dipped.
  • The messiest thing in your life: My basement. We have a small garage back there, but it’s basically become our storage space. It’s definitely our last house project; it’s where all the leftovers of our house projects go.

Daryl and his right hand man, Rusty. Credit: Nelson Treehouse and Supply

Inspired to tackle your own dream home project? Let a Tasker help. 

Bonjour, Paris! TaskRabbit Is Now Live in France!

FranceArtboard 1.jpg

TaskRabbit has already crossed the pond to the UK, but now we’ve sailed the English Channel and gone live in France! As of today, anyone in the Paris metro area looking for help with their ever-growing to-do list can get it done through TaskRabbit. All you need to do is download the TaskRabbit app on iOS and Android or visit to tell us what you need done, find the right Tasker for the job, and cross more items off your to-do list. 

TaskRabbit is also available at selected IKEA stores across the Paris region. Just as in the US, UK, and Canada, IKEA shoppers in the Paris metro area can use TaskRabbit’s furniture assembly services — because no matter where you are, sometimes you need a little help with that PAX closet system or the TRYSIL bed frame! 

Of course, there’s more to France than just Paris, and we’ll be rolling out out in additional cities over the next 12 months. For now, we’re bringing our vision of making everyday life easier for everyday people to one of Europe’s biggest cities. 

We’re looking forward to connecting more people who are sharing their skills and helping each other make life a little easier. To mark our debut in France, check out some interesting facts we’ve discovered about Paris! 


  • Paris’s shortest street, the Rue des Degrés, is only 6 meters long — less than 20 feet
  • Come 2024, Paris will be one of two cities to have hosted three separate modern Summer Olympiads. Do you know the other city? Highlight here to find out: It’s London!
  • The Phantom of the Opera’s underground lake isn’t just a flight of fantasy; there really is a “lake” underneath the Palais Garnier opera house
  • Paris doesn’t have any stop signs. (It used to have one, but it’s apparently not there anymore.)

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Fall Decor Trends We’re Loving

Ah, fall. What’s not to love about it? The changing colors of the leaves, pumpkin pie, scarves, Halloween, not to mention the crisp air. You’ve swapped out your summer dresses and shorts for cardigans and jeans, but what about the house? As summer ends and the weather cools, we’re sharing fall decor trends we’re loving for the season ahead. Try them out and tag us @taskrabbit on social media to show us how you’ve refreshed your home for fall. 

  • For a classic rustic look, go for wood furniture and wooden accents.
  • You don’t have to be limited to just wood! Marble, granite, and copper can give your living space an organic atmosphere.
  • In addition to the essential pumpkin, use wheat for a naturally textured wreath or decorations for your porch, fireplace, and mantel.
  • Aside from warm, earthy tones, don’t be afraid to incorporate a flair of deep purple and blush pink.

  • Rather than sticking to minimalist design, embrace bold splashes of color in your decor choices.
  • Display objects and decorations with a handcrafted aesthetic, like a bright throw pillow or deco art piece.
  • Mix and match your furniture to reflect your tastes and personality. Don’t stick to just one theme!

  • Don’t be afraid to stray from solid colors — incorporate plaid into your decor to evoke warmth and comfort as the weather turns colder. A plaid curtain or throw blanket add a nice touch.
  • Consider velvet for pillows or couches. This makes your room feel cozier and more luxurious.
  • Lay a patterned rug in your living room for even more of a cozy element.
  • For an extra sense of warmth, decorate with fringe, crochet, and macramé.

Ready to welcome fall in your home? Get help from a Tasker.