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From a Runner: “Reestablishment of community on a human level”

On a daily basis we are bombarded with rave reviews and feedback from people using RunMyErrand.  Over the weekend, one of our new runners and talented ballerina, Magdelena G, shared her experience with us.

Magdelena G.

Magdelena G.

“I just wanted to let you know that I ran my first errand last night.  It was a great experience, and I just wanted to let you know that I think this site is fabulously well organized in terms of it’s functionality.  I’m glad to be a part of this, and I think that even more than people just being able to cross things off of their to-do lists, it will allow for some reestablishment of community on a human level.  It is basically using virtual social networking to create interactions between people that are avoided more and more everyday thanks to the internet boom.   I look forward to doing more work, and helping the site succeed.”

Thanks, Magdelena, you hit the nail on the head!  Instead of using technology to further separate true human interaction between people, we are leveraging it to strengthen these bonds.  This also reminds me of a tweet I took away from Jeff Pulver’s Social Media Jungle:

@daveatkins – At #smjbos thinking…social media could be the answer to restore community by connecting people to each other in real life.

It is so rewarding to see people immediately understanding the RME vision.

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