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Feature Alert: Headed to _________. Need anything?

This is a major feature that has been in the works for some time.  The “Runs” feature has been part of the original RUNmyERRAND vision from the beginning and we are thrilled to finally launch it this week!  Just as Senders can post errands, Runners can now post “Runs” … its kind of a mirror image of the current site.  Runs are generated by Runners and are planned trips.  We anticipate popular runs including trips to Target, IKEA, Costco, Goodwill, etc, but a Runner is free to post a Run to wherever they would like.  It is all part of our “errand sharing” model, which maximizes Runner’s profits, minimizes Sender’s expenses, and certainly has its green benefits!

We are starting the Runs feature this week with a trial group of Runners.  We don’t want to overload the system with an influx of Runs, so there will be handful of planned Runs generated by the same individuals for now.  Its nice to have a group of Runners that are really experienced on the site, and who I can immediately turn to when launching a feature like this.  They were eager to jump on board and give it a test drive.

Right now we’ve got a Target Run, Home Depot Run, and Wholefood Run open.  Senders can make requests, include a list of items, their location for delivery, and a Runner fee.  Just the same as a regular errand, a Runner can also counteroffer this fee, and Senders can pay with cash on delivery or reimburse their Runner with credit online.  We (the Ruby Ninja) leveraged a lot of the errand model code to implement this request concept, which makes it familiar to the end user with the same robust feature set.

Just looking at these runs, I can already think of a few things I need from these places … and that’s the beauty of it.  We all need reminders, and if we know someone is making the trip anyway, why not get in on it!

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