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Errands with Good Stories

Over the past 7 months we have some pretty good stories come out of RUNmyERRAND.  When I started this I of course anticipated the dry cleaning runs and clothing donation pick ups, but what was really fun to realize, is that every errand has its own story, and some of the stories behind these errands are just too good not to share.

Story #1 – “Lost cellphone, in need of chicken salad”
It was late on Sunday afternoon, when I saw the errand posting come through the system.  A woman had left her cellphone at a farm in Beverly, MA, and they closed at 4:00pm that day.  She needed a Runner to drive up to Beverly, pick up the cellphone she had left, and then also requested a tub of chicken salad.  She got her cellphone and chicken salad that night, and I’m sure it was a relief to start the week with her cellphone in hand … not to mention chicken salad in the frig!

Story #2 – “Flower delivery from the Caribbean”
At the time, zipcodes outside of the greater Boston area would not allow you to sign up on RUNmyERRAND.com.  I got a message from Dalton W, who lives on his gorgeous sail boat in the Caribbean, named Quietly.  He asked for help getting signed up and I obliged (we are now actually open in all zipcodes, but only running errands in Boston … for now).  So the next day, Dalton posted a flower delivery errand.  He wanted a runner to go to the local market, pick out a fresh bouquet of flowers, and deliver them to a door step in Beacon Hill.  He paid $7 for the flowers and $7 for the delivery fee … $14 total.  I think that definitely beats 1800FLOWERS (I’m sure the flowers did too) and he was supporting the local neighborhood shop.  Love it!

Story #3 – “Get out and shop!”
Everyone loves to shop at IKEA … its the actual getting there and getting everything home that can be challenging.  They do offer store delivery starting at $99, but in this story, Robert M who is “… retired, 77 years, living at home and doing for myself as able.”, saved himself some money, enjoyed a round trip ride, and wonderful shopping company from our Runner Lola A.  Two furniture kits were picked up, loaded up, and dropped off with Robert at his apartment in Malden Center.

Those are just a few of my favorite errand stories so far, but I’m sure there are all kinds of good stories in this bunch: http://runmyerrand.com/errands/allactivity?type=completed.  Share your stories with us … we want to hear more of them!

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