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Dorm Room Decor: 3 Stylish Looks for Back to School

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Cue the futons, shower caddies, and laundry baskets … the college move-in has rolled around again. Turning a dorm into a home isn’t easy with limited space and a college budget, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with stark school-issued bunk beds and drab desks. We pulled together three stylish, practical dorm room looks — the perfect backdrops for studying relaxing, and everything in between. Get inspired with these dorm mood boards and book a Tasker to help bring your favorite to life.

Boho Bungalow 

Natural textures and neutral colors create a relaxed, artsy feel. Inspired by wood, wicker, and a pop of greenery, this is the perfect backdrop for a laid-back Saturday morning studying or (more realistically) lounging.

CollageBoho(1) Raklev rug (2) Snidad basket (3) Vedbo armchair (4) Fejka fiddle-leaf plant

Classic Comfort

If Carrie Bradshaw designed a college dorm, this is what we imagine it would look like. We mixed vintage pieces like the mirror and plush wing chair with a more modern lamp and cowhide ottoman for an eclectic old school-new school vibe.

CollageLuxe(1) Songe mirror (2) Barometer floor lamp (3) Strandmon wing chair (4) Stockholm ottoman

Downtown Minimalist

Night owls and lovers of all nighters, this is the look for you. Inspired by big city living, we paired monochrome and metal accents to evoke a sophisticated New York City loft.

CollageMinimal(1) Bild poster (2) Tuvalie throw (3) Ranarp floor lamp (4) IKEA PS cabinet


From move-in day help to dorm furniture assembly, start college off right with the help of a Tasker. 

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  1. bingingonabudget says

    Wow I love your style, these decor guides are so cute. I wish I had something to look at like this when I was moving in to the dorms. Which of these 3 matches your personal style best?

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