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Destressing with TaskRabbit: 50%+ of Tasks Booked in the Middle of the Work Day

We all know the work day can be a popular time for perusing Facebook, Twitter or Buzzfeed. But now there’s a more productive activity people are adding to their “work day to-do list”: TaskRabbit.

A recent study of the rise of “on-demand tasks” found more tasks are booked at the last-minute than ever before, which led our data scientists to ask the question: when are Clients more apt to book Taskers for help with their home services?

As it turns out, more than 50% of all tasks on TaskRabbit are booked smack dab in the middle of the work day — between the 4-hour window of 11am and 3pm (local times). Clients are clearly looking for a way to relieve some stress during the hectic work day, and what better way than outsourcing your tasks at home.

Take a look at these heat maps of TaskRabbit’s Top 2 markets, San Francisco and NYC, and you can see the trend for yourself: San Francisco’s SOMA, Financial District and Mission District areas and NYC’s UWS, Midtown, Village and Downtown neighborhoods light up with Clients booking tasks.

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