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Delivery in a pinch- Milk and Paper towels

Every week I see new ways to use our service, and this week was no different with two “in a pinch” errands.

On Friday, I was flying back to Boston after a quick family vacation.  We have two young sons so traveling is never easy.  Our day started off poorly with a 4 hour delay in the airport, and then turned ugly when one of my sons got sick after some bad turbulence (it was messy).  By the time my wife and I got home after 9 hours of traveling, we discovered our milk had soured and we were out of paper towels.My wife jumped on RUNmyERRAND and posted the errand at 8pm.Two minutes later, Rick R. was calling asking if I wanted 1 or 2 rolls of paper towels and if we cared where he got the milk.By 8:45pm, Rick was at our front door.For all the parents out there, you know how important it is to have milk in the house for a 1.5 year old and how tough it can be to get out of the house sometimes.I can’t make stuff like this up- it was too good to be true.

Then on Saturday, I saw an errand for “Jump start my car.”This is not exactly an errand, but our community is starting to realize that RUNmyERRAND goes beyond errands and really connects people in a community to form a “service network”.Of course, the errand was picked up for $10.Sounds like a deal to me.

I look forward to another week of errand running in Boston and more great examples of our “runners” helping people “in a pinch.”We always want to hear your stories too so send them in.

Happy running,

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