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Community Blogging

I have been wanting to do this for months … set up a RunMyErrand Community Blog.  Whallah … here it is!  Thanks to Cody, one of our fabulous summer interns, and the IT guy for helping us get it ready for debut.  I’ve kept a link to my “founder’s blog” at the top, but it was time to severe the direct tie between my personal blog and the main site.  In the last few months alone, we have been growing very quickly, including people and personalities far beyond just myself … which makes things a lot more interesting, doesn’t it?!


Since RunMyErrand is about harnessing the power of a community,  it is only right that we incorporate as many of those voices as possible into our Community Blog.  You’ll hear from Senders, Runners, Advisors, Interns, Employees, and yes, I’m sure to chime in here from time to time as well.  Enjoy!

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