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Coffee With a London Tasker: Laura Campbell


Late last year, TaskRabbit officially launched in London. Since then we’ve hired dozens of talented Taskers from all corners of the city. They’ve been busy over the last couple of months helping Londoners get things done, from event staffing to home organisation.

Curious about her TaskRabbit experience so far, we sat down with Laura Campbell, a cheerful 34-year-old Tasker from Beckton, East London.

What were you doing before TaskRabbit, and what made you apply to be a Tasker?

Before joining the TaskRabbit community, I’d spent the last 10 years working in investment banking. I guess it was about time for a change! I was always working extremely long hours, and was always sat at a computer all day long. So, I decided to go looking for something a little different. When I first heard about TaskRabbit, I immediately thought it sounded like such a great idea! I could identify with the concept of working a long week and just never having enough time to get everything done. When you hire a Tasker to provide an extra pair of hands, TaskRabbit customers are really buying themselves more free time. And how valuable is that?!

What’s the best task you’ve had so far?

One of the best things about being a Tasker is the diversity of the activities you end up doing! There’s been plenty of bizarre and interesting moments, from helping someone dispose of a Christmas tree (by throwing it out of a third floor window)…. to blowing up 200 balloons!  I think one of the nicest jobs I’ve had thus far was helping a working mum of three to organise her home and her life.  With her work, looking after her family and studying, she was just at her wits end and felt like she wasn’t coping. Having someone who could help her with meal plans, cleaning schedules, tidying, organising and transforming her home from chaos to calm just made such a huge impact. I think women try so hard to juggle with doing everything and you can’t be Superwoman all the time!  Although I think perhaps she’ll keep TaskRabbit a secret and take all the credit her husband gives her! 🙂

What has surprised you about working for TaskRabbit?

I think the thing that has surprised me the most about working for TaskRabbit is how lovely the clients have all been. I can honestly say that most of my tasks feel less like work and more like I’m just helping out a friend. People have been warm and welcoming. It makes all of the work I do so pleasant.

What’s been the reaction of Londoners when telling them about TaskRabbit?

People have been so interested in TaskRabbit!  People know you can hire cleaners and such, but the whole concept of being able to outsource unusual tasks is pretty new in London.  I get asked about it all the time and you can see people’s eyes light up when they realise they can get all of their odd jobs done!

What’s the best thing about being a Tasker?

Meeting new and interesting people has been amazing fun, but hands down the best part of the job is just the variety of different tasks. After spending so many years sat at a desk, it’s fantastic to always be doing something different or going somewhere different.  Plus how many other jobs are there where you’re getting paid to brighten someone’s day?!

If you want to hire Laura or any of our London Taskers for your odd jobs, head to TaskRabbit.co.uk!



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