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Celebrate Father’s Day with Tasks for Dad

Dads are awesome, Task 'em something nice.

Mother’s Day trumps all other days in long-distance calling, flower delivery, mail volume, and restaurant reservations. It’s pretty much the “mother” of all holidays. By comparison, it seems like Father’s Day always gets second billing. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Be he friend, significant other, relative, or your very own dear old Dad, show some love to the father in your life this weekend with a little help from TaskRabbit. He’ll appreciate it more than a tie. Here are some of our favorite ways TaskRabbits can help you delight Dad:

  • Do his chores. A TaskRabbit can take care of mowing the lawn, cleaning the garage, washing the car, and anything else on the chore list this weekend.
  • Fire up the grill. Going to the game? Consider hiring a TaskRabbit to pick up the groceries and man the grill for the tailgating party.
  • Plan a last-minute getaway. Post a virtual Task to plan a weekend of rafting, hiking, camping, or touring a local brewery.
  • Bring him a sandwich. Everyone knows Dads love sandwiches. Hire a TaskRabbit to pick up your Pop’s very favorite sandwich and deliver it to him.
  • Golf buddy. Dad just wants to get out on the course for the day? Hire a TaskRabbit to caddy.
  • Tend the bar. Throwing a gathering for the occasion? A TaskRabbit can tend the bar and whip up some classic cocktails worthy of Don Draper.
  • Teach him how to use that iPhone. Getting Dad a smartphone? A TaskRabbit can teach him how to use it and help him download the perfect apps (including TaskRabbit, naturally).

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