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4 Ways TaskRabbit Gives People More Time

When it comes to free time, most of us can’t seem to get enough. Unfortunately, life probably won’t ever slow down, so it seems the best alternative to slowing down time is to eliminate some of the things you have to do, starting at home. Your home should be your sanctuary. The escape you look forward to after each day. A place for binge-watching shows, luxurious bubble baths, recipe testing, and deep peaceful slumbers. However, this isn’t always the case. Since we’re constantly on the move, our sanctuaries often turn into another headache. Squeaky doors, flickering lights bulbs, and unfinished projects on the floors scattered throughout  – enter TaskRabbit. Here are 4 ways real people, just like you, have gotten some much needed free time with the help of our skilled and experienced Taskers. 1. “We came back home after a month-long holiday to an unbearable mess in our backyard. The grass was overgrown, weeds were sprouting and leaves everywhere.. Michael really saved us so much time and energy, he was able to bring our …

TaskRabbit + The Honest Company: A Healthy Home Clean

Our team is excited to announce that we’ve partnered with The Honest Company to bring you an exclusive new service. We’re proud to offer Honest Home Cleaning: a premium service offering that launches today across desktop and mobile. When you book an Honest cleaning, you’ll receive the same great cleaning help from our Taskers, but now, equipped with an array of healthy, family-friendly products from The Honest Company to use in your home. We’re huge fans of Honest, and are continually inspired by their commitment to style, sustainability and service. Through this partnership, we wanted to do our part to bring the comfort of a healthy home to more households. We welcome Honest Co. to the family, and couldn’t be more excited to offer a safe, effective way to clean your home with TaskRabbit. Try it today.

Get to Know TaskRabbit’s New Mobile App

Really exciting day for us at TaskRabbit.  We are proud to introduce a major new update to our mobile app, designed with you in mind. Starting today, you’ll be able to access our new mobile on-demand experience — stocked with features that allow you to get all of your chores done in real-time.  Our mission is always to help you be your most productive self, everyday — and we hope that this simplified, accelerated service empowers you to do just that. Download the app to get started. More things off of your plate — more time to do the things you love. What’s new? We’re glad you asked. Instant Matching You tasked, we listened. 2015 was a big year for us — not only did our mobile usage grow 3x, but we also quadrupled the business.  In the past year, we’ve seen Clients post more same-day tasks than ever before. To accommodate the growing demand for instant service , we thought to ourselves: what if we could shift our business from “same-day” to “right now”?  We’ve always …

Task of the Week: Venice Beach Party Help

There’s nothing more fun than a kid’s birthday party – especially on one of the top rated beaches in all of SoCal!  But then again, there’s nothing more stressful than a kid’s birthday party – especially on one of Southern California’s most crowded beaches.  With TaskRabbit, you can up the fun and eliminate the stress.  After all, it’s your child’s special day, and you both deserve to enjoy it. With about 40 expected guests for her son’s 8th birthday beach party, a Client in Los Angeles was, understandably, looking for a little assistance.  She wanted somebody who could help with party set up and breakdown. But she also needed a person who could initiate fun activities from sand castle building to dance parties for the young guests, all while making sure the kids were sufficiently supervised. Luckily, TaskRabbit was able to connect her with Tasker Rain F. Rain has experience working with kids, and she’s also an accomplished event planner and staffer – the perfect combo for this task.  She did it all with a smile and, with her help, the party was a big success! TaskRabbit …

Double Up With Your Time with TaskRabbit

We’ve all said it before: “If only I could be in two places at once, I’d finally be able to get everything done!” You might not be able to clone yourself, but with TaskRabbit you can double up on your time and cross twice the items off your list. Go ahead and visit the Farmers Market for a few specialty items; a Tasker will head to the store for your grocery staples. We can finally fix that flickering light – you go ahead and catch up on your e-mails. Enjoy a nice walk with your dog while we take care of weeding the yard. A Tasker can scrub up your floors as you’re picking up the kids from school. We know your life is full of errands and tasks, but with TaskRabbit you can pull off the trick of getting it all done.  Together, we can accomplish double the items on your to-do list, and give you back some well-deserved free time.  Don’t you deserve a stunt double?

Task of the Week: Setting up the Nursery

As you get to the end of a big project, the finishing touches can be a struggle. If that struggle is real for you right now, TaskRabbit can help. A Client in San Francisco was nearing the end of her baby nursery set up, but still needed to hang a heavy mirror. It can be tricky to hang a heavy object, but when you’re 8 months pregnant, some assistance is definitely in order.   Over the course of two visits, Tasker Timm hung the mirror, some other pictures, and took care of all the little details to get the nursery ready for baby.  We’re glad we were able to be there for our Client at such a busy time.  As she begins this new chapter of her life, we’re sure she’s going to have a lot more to do, and we hope to lighten her load then as well. Whether you need someone to help get you started on a new path, assist you in finishing up a big undertaking, or you’re just looking for a hand with the laundry, TaskRabbit is here …


We know the Back to School season can be stressful – there’s a lot to do!  To help ease everyone’s schedule, TaskRabbit is offering $20 off a task every day this week.  Check it out: MONDAY 8/31 Moving into a dorm or a new apartment?  Check your e-mail for $20 off a Moving Help task. TUESDAY 9/1 Minor home repairs can really pile up.  Today you’ll get $20 off, because we think you deserve a hand. WEDNESDAY 9/2 Seems like there’s always a few more school supplies you still need to pick up.  $20 off a Delivery task will save you the trip. THURSDAY 9/3 Assembling new furniture takes a lot of time and effort, and now you’ve got all that homework to do!  Book a Furniture Assembly task today and get $20 off. FRIDAY 9/4  With all the extra to-do’s in your week, it can be difficult to keep up with cleaning.  Today you’ll get $20 off Cleaning tasks for a fresh start to your weekend. When life gets hectic, TaskRabbit is here so you can prioritize your time and get everything done.  What can we do for you …


Can you smell it?  That’s the scent of grills heating up all across the country.  Labor Day is coming, the last great three day weekend of summer.  If you’re having a party next weekend, the planning and execution can get overwhelming.  Luckily, TaskRabbit can take a lot off your plate. Not sure how to get started?  We connect you with experienced planners who can help make your BBQ dreams a reality. Maybe you’ve already got your menu totally mapped out.  Instead of hopping all over town to different stores picking up ingredients, send a Tasker. Outdoor lighting can be tricky, but we can install your lights properly and give your backyard the ambiance it deserves. Don’t get chained to the grill or bar.  A Tasker can keep the food coming and the drinks flowing. When it comes to clean up, don’t worry, we can take care of that too. Now there’s nothing left to do but enjoy your party!  Happy Labor Day!  How else can we help you today?


Seems like just yesterday we were gearing up for our first long weekend of the warmer season… But the summer is positively zipping by!  Don’t let errands and tasks get in the way of enjoying your last few weeks of carefree sunshine.  Spend a day outdoors while TaskRabbit cleans house. Let a Tasker spiff up your bathroom, while you head out to catch some rays. Make sure you can really take in the view. A Tasker will leave your windows crystal clear. Perhaps you’re overwhelmed by dishes post-BBQ?  We can help. Has the return from a big beach day left your place a sandy mess?  Don’t stress – Taskers are available to give your place a thorough cleaning. What else can we help you with?


Here at TaskRabbit, we are big fans of education.  After all, the children are our future.  But we also love to help our teachers out when we can. When one teacher moved from St. Louis to Chicago this summer, she wasn’t just moving house – she was moving classrooms as well. After 5 years of teaching Elementary and Special Education in St. Louis, our Client, Kristen, found that she’d built up a vast collection of personal teaching items and tools.  She had family help to move these hundreds of books, educational games, school supplies, and more from St. Louis to Chicago, but she knew she needed extra help to get it all into her new classroom. That’s where TaskRabbit comes in. With dolly in hand, Tasker Steve M. made the process easy for the Client.  He coordinated the unload, and efficiently carried all the items up the several flights of stairs well within the agreed upon time. Here’s to Kristen and all the hard-working educators, students, and parents out there.  TaskRabbit hopes we can help you prep for a great start this school year. Kristen tells us …