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Holiday Gift Wrapping 101

If one of the best parts of the holidays is unwrapping a pile of gifts with your name on them, one of the most stressful has to be wrapping a pile of packages for everyone on your gift list. We break down our tried and true wrapping method into a few simple key steps. Follow them for crisp edges and festive flair. Keep in mind that a little bit of tape goes a long way when used strategically! And if you’re facing a pile of boxes or a couple oddly shaped packages, hire a Tasker to help with the wrapping.  Lay Package Face Down Cut & Measure Paper You’ll want a piece that wraps all the way around the long end of the package, with an inch or so overlap. The shorter ends should come up halfway on the sides.  Fold & Tape Sides After taping the long side, fold the short ends of the gift by pinching two parallel edges toward the center. This creates two triangles from the opposite sides. Fold the triangles …

The Moving Survival Guide: Moving Day Tips

Even if you’re on top of packing, transferring utilities, and changing your address, moving is a daunting ordeal. We’ve put together a complete Moving Survival Guide (with help from our moving-savvy Taskers) to keep you from getting your couch stuck in the doorway and make sure you get your security deposit back. In part 3, read on for tips to make moving day go as smoothly as possible.