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The Moving Survival Guide: Cleaning & Repairs

Even if you’re on top of packing, transferring utilities, and setting up wifi, moving is a daunting ordeal. We’ve put together a complete Moving Survival Guide (with help from our moving-savvy Taskers) to keep you from getting your couch stuck in the doorway and make sure you get your security deposit back. In part 2, we tackle cleaning and repairs. Read on for tips for leaving your home or rental in pristine condition before your move.

The Moving Survival Guide: Packing

As moving season gets into full swing, we’ve put together a complete Moving Survival Guide (with help from our moving-savvy Taskers) to keep you from drowning in boxes or getting your couch stuck in the doorway. First up, perhaps the most dreaded part: packing. Read on for tips to stay organized and sane before the big move.

The Essential Checklist for Furnishing Your First Apartment

The ink is dry on your diploma and the graduation confetti has been cleaned up. Next stop: the real world! The novelty of setting up your first place can wear off fast once you find yourself trying to open a can without a can opener or surrounded by a half-assembled bed way past your bedtime. With the help of our Taskers, we’ve compiled some essential tips and a checklist for furnishing your first apartment.

Your Summer Grilling Checklist

We all know summer doesn’t really start until you fire up the grill. But nothing dampens the summer party mood more than a grill that won’t light or smokes too much. Luckily, with a little planning (and some help from our Taskers), you can get ahead of grill trouble while your BBQ marinates. Here’s a checklist to start your summer grilling firing on all cylinders. Dust it off, light it up, and delight your guests with one of our tried-and-true recipes below. Check for signs of rust, wear, and debris. Make sure all knobs and screws are tightened. Gas grills: Inspect the hoses, burners, and gas tubes. To test for leaks, brush soapy water along the fuel line. If you turn on the gas and see bubbles, it’s time to replace or tighten the line. Remove and scrub the grates with a wire brush and hot water. For a deeper clean, soak them overnight in a 2:1 ratio of vinegar to baking soda. Gas grills: Clear debris from the burner tubes and make sure the …

Get Royal Wedding Ready at Home

We all love a good wedding, especially when it involves royalty, so what better excuse to throw a party than to celebrate Prince Harry and Meghan Markle this Saturday? For those of us who can’t join the festivities live, we can still recreate the celebrations with street and home viewing parties galore. For inspiration ahead of the big day, we’ve rounded up our top tips for throwing a celebration worthy of royalty. And don’t worry if your party to-do list seems a bit overwhelming — our Taskers are on hand to help out. Make like a royal and enjoy the very British tradition of afternoon tea complete with scones, cucumber sandwiches, cake (Harry and Meghan’s will be lemon elderflower) and tea. Top it off with a glass of bubbly to toast the happy couple. A royal themed party wouldn’t be complete without the Brit colours of red, white, and blue. Bunting is a great way to highlight the flag colours and put the official street party stamp on the day. Team it with a standout …