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TaskRabbit Launches in 5 Cities, On Track to Welcome 1.25 Million New Users in 2013

It’s been a busy and exciting couple of months at TaskRabbit and we’ve got an awesome update to share. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that TaskRabbit is now live in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.  Each of these cities are vibrant, entrepreneurial (and busy) communities and we couldn’t be happier to start helping people there. We’ve trained our inaugural TaskRabbits in those cities and, starting today, they are ready to help you with all your tasks! In these five new cities combined, we have brought on over 2,000 new TaskRabbits to the community, bringing the total number to over 15,000 across the US. And the growth doesn’t stop there! TaskPoster growth has been tremendous as well – we are on track to welcome 1.25 million new users in 2013 alone. We’ve also been working hard on our mobile initiatives, with several updates to our iPhone app in the past month, including a slew of new features and optimization that has increased app processing speed by 300 percent. Keep an eye out for a …

TaskRabbit Launches Solution For Businesses To Hire Ongoing, Temporary Help

Businesses are an integral part of TaskRabbit, posting more than 35 percent of tasks. It’s been awesome to see how companies have used, and continue to use, the TaskRabbit platform to build and grow their business. To cater to these specific needs, we launched a dedicated TaskRabbit for Business dashboard back in February. Today, we’re excited to announce the latest advancement in the TaskRabbit for Business experience: a solution that makes it easy for companies to hire ongoing, long-term help through TaskRabbit. Through this new experience, our business customers can access our 10,000+ background-checked and fully vetted TaskRabbits for temporary jobs that take multiple days, weeks, or even months to complete. [pullshow] “Over the past few months, we’ve noticed a trend in companies using the TaskRabbit platform as an easy and reliable way to staff temporary employees,” says Victor Echevarria, TaskRabbit’s Head of Business Development. “We’ve learned that many businesses are frustrated with the current temping solutions, which often prove slow, expensive, and inefficient. Hiring managers are tired of spending enormous amounts of time sifting …

TaskRabbit Deliveries

TaskRabbit Delivers a New, Streamlined Delivery Experience

We showed off our swanky new design identity last week and today we’re excited to unveil our new, streamlined user experience. We’ve made it easier than ever to use the TaskRabbit marketplace for our most popular task types: delivery and shopping. The new experience allows users to: Post delivery and shopping tasks quickly Choose the time window you want your delivery to arrive Easily schedule via mobile, tablet, or web “Deliveries have long been our most popular task category and we saw tremendous success with our San Francisco deliveries pilot,” says Leah Busque, TaskRabbit’s founder and CEO. “We’ve taken the best of Deliver Now to make posting every delivery and shopping task seamless.” Deliver Now users will be directed to the new TaskRabbit Deliveries experience starting today. Go to TaskRabbit Deliveries.

@ImageThink Leah Busque

Ideas are Discoveries, Leah Busque @99U

5 Lessons I’ve Learned From Discovering TaskRabbit from TaskRabbit Leah just finished speaking to a packed house at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall for the 2013 99u Conference. The topic? Her top five lessons learned from founding TaskRabbit. For a little end-of-week inspiration, take a look at her presentation above and these awesome sketch notes from audience members below.

Lean In TaskRabbit

Team TaskRabbit Leans Way In

A few weeks ago, Leah handed out copies of Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg to everyone here at TaskRabbit HQ and gave us a homework assignment: Read the book from cover to cover and get ready for a real discussion. Armed with questions, comments, and concerns, we all gathered around the lunch tables, ready to dive in to a Lean In-themed Learnch. Learnch is a weekly lunchtime seminar series here at TaskRabbit  designed to help us share knowledge, ideas, and inspiration amongst the staff. Typically, a Learnch lasts for about an hour — this one went on for three hours. We had a lot to discuss. Our COO, Stacy Brown-Philpot, kicked things off by sharing her personal Lean In story and explaining why she believed this book was necessary reading for everyone — men and women — working in startups today. Then Stacy opened it up for questions and we got to the meaty stuff. Is it okay to cry at work? What’s it like being a woman …

One Thousand TaskRabbits

TaskRabbit Welcomes 1,000 New TaskRabbits Each Month

Maybe it’s the enormous volume of tasks in our marketplace or maybe it’s the springtime air, but our community of TaskRabbits is multiplying like, well, you know. We’re on track to bring on more than 1,000 TaskRabbits a month through summer. That’s one thousand incredible additions to our community every thirty days. We simply couldn’t be any more excited. Here are some fun facts about this exciting (yet massive) effort: 1. Every member of the TaskRabbit Team watches at least three applicant video interviews each day to help out. 2. We’ve hired a brand new Jay, Jay Boren, to head up our TaskRabbit recruitment efforts. 3. We’re seeing an awful lot of veterans, teachers, grad students, young professionals, and stay-at-home moms apply. Know someone who’d make a great TaskRabbit? Tell them to become part of our next 1,000 by applying here.

We Want You For TaskRabbit

We Want You To Become a TaskRabbit. Apply Now!

We’re seeing more and more tasks posted every single day, and we’re looking to add even more amazing TaskRabbits to our community to help people get things done. Think you’ve got what it takes to task? If you’d be awesome at helping people and companies get things done, you might make a great TaskRabbit. From using your car or bike to deliver things to people in your city to taking longer-term assignments at offices, you’ll find hundreds of tasks each day on the TaskRabbit marketplace. You set your own schedule, determine your own rates, and choose the types of tasks you’d like to do. Plus, you get to be part of the greatest community on earth. Ready to join us? Apply now.

TaskVan Leah Busque

A Week in the Life of the TaskVan

Well that was fun! This week, Team TaskRabbit had a blast roaming the streets of Austin in a giant, mobile bunny. With its regal fur waving in the Texas wind, the TaskVan was the most majestic thing on the streets of SXSWi. We spent each day delighting conference attendees, smiling for photos, and doling out some pretty incredible goodies. Here’s a rundown of some of the week’s highlights: We loaded up on pies from Austin’s beloved Home Slice Pizza and handed out slices to everyone waiting for their badges in the enormous registration line. We handed out custom TaskVan T-shirts and awesome TaskRabbit shades to everyone who came near the van. We surprised people with gorgeous Sesame Gift sets throughout the week. The lucky recipients loved the beautiful packaging and thoughtfully curated gifts Didn’t get one? Find Sesame on the web, in the iTune store, or on Facebook. We picked up delicious treats from Amy’s Ice Creams and turned the TaskVan into a furry ice cream truck on the hottest day of the festival. We …

Have You Seen the TaskVan?

The TaskRabbit Crew is having a blast driving around Austin in the TaskVan. We’re roaming the streets handing out goodies and treats galore. We’ll be surprising people all week with awesome goodies from Lambert’s BBQ, Amy’s Ice Cream, Home Slice Pizza, Hotel Tonight, Uber, Sincerely, Sesame,, BIRCHBOX, and We also have some pretty sweet TaskRabbit surprises up our sleeve. This gorgeous, furry beast was custom-built for us by the awesome Austin-based artists at Blue Genie Art Industries. If you’re in Austin and want to see the TaskVan, simply grab the latest TaskRabbit app. You’ll be able to track us around town all week — you can even hail us from the app. Even if you’re not in Austin, keep it tuned to #TaskVan on Twitter to see what we’re up to: Tweets about “#TaskVan” //