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Carpe Diem: Seizing Graduation Day

Is someone special in your life finally walking the stage? Maybe it’s the end of high school, maybe it’s the milestone of finishing college, or maybe it’s your littlest one’s preschool graduation. It doesn’t matter who’s about to get the diploma — what matters is how you choose to celebrate. You won’t be surprised to know that we think TaskRabbit is one of the best tools to help plan the perfect graduation day. Here are some of our favorite ways to use TaskRabbits to celebrate:

Party Down
You go to the graduation ceremony, TaskRabbits handle the party. You can post Tasks for cake pick-up, party decorations, and even for someone friendly to man the grill.

Gift Shopping + Delivery
TaskRabbits can deliver flowers, champagne, or other gifts to the grad in your life — even if they live in a different city. An awesome solution for that little sister who finally finished her BFA in New York.

Plan a Trip
There’s nothing like the tradition of taking a life-changing trip after graduation from high school or college. Whether it’s backpacking around Europe, heading to an Indian ashram, or hanging on a beach in Thailand, TaskRabbits can help you work out the details.

Job Search
In this economy, we can’t think of a greater graduation gift than a better chance at a dream job. TaskRabbits can help edit resumes and cover letters, and they can even hand-deliver thank you notes to interviewers.

With graduation comes other major changes, and one of the most stressful ones is relocating for a new job or heading off to a new city for college. You can hire TaskRabbits to help with all the packing, organizing, and hauling.

And just for a little end-of-the-school-year inspiration, we thought we’d share some of our favorite commencement addresses:

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