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Wow and whew! Now that’s what we call a good, old fashioned, New England blizzard. With the whipping winds, blowing snow, parking bans, snow piles and more, it has us longing for the sweltering heat of July (by that time, of course, we’ll be complaining about the humidity). It’s a good time to draw out the holiday weekend, huddle up inside a blanket, a book, and maybe some hot chocolate while someone else helps you dig out after this storm.

Winters in the Hub can be dicey at best, and this storm ended up causing particular complications, compounded by the fact that it’s one of the busiest traveling times of the year.  Even the TaskRabbit Crew is affected; one of our team members flew back into Logan for the holiday. The days leading up to and including the holiday were great, and everything looked to be smooth regarding his flight, scheduled to leave after the storm had finished. Of course, nature and logistics got in the way and the flight was canceled last minute. So, along with the rest of the Northeast, he was scrambling to find a flight to return to home. There are tons of people dealing with this reality now- some aren’t getting out until well after the New Year! Frustrating, but at least there was some solace in watching the scene outside through a window; aside from the pains it caused, and even though it was a day late for Christmas, it did turn Boston into a Winter Wonderland (that is, before the dirt and debris piles up on the sidewalks, and the slush starts spreading everywhere, and those snow piles made by the plows and shovels remain until March).

Let’s get it straight- this storm is anything but a one-time show, and it pays to be prepared, as many of us were not this time around. So in anticipation of the next one, get ready. Send a TaskRabbit Runner to grab some groceries, batteries, firewood, help insulate windows… whatever it is, TaskRabbit can help you survive the Boston winter!

Happy Tasking!

-The TaskRabbit Crew

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