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Has this ever happened to you? You move into a spot with a yard, patio, or balcony, and you start fantasizing about balmy summer evenings spent sitting out there, perhaps with a drink in hand. Or perhaps you have visions of cultivating a little balcony garden or a window box of bright flowers.

But then something disrupts your plans — winter or work or something that drew you away — and your outdoor space becomes overrun with spiders and plants gone awry. Little by little, your dream dies, and now you can only gaze wistfully out the window and imagine a cozier spot.

Well, one of our London Clients decided to take back her balcony. Wanting to make use of her limited outdoor space in time for summer, Farah hired Tasker Jack, who helped clean and beautify the balcony with an arrangement of potted plants. Though there was not a lot of room to work with, Jack made the space a “wonderfully peaceful place to spend a relaxing summer evening.”

Have any yard work we can help you with? Summer isn’t over yet — there’s still time to make your outdoor space a place you can enjoy during the warm evenings!

Have some TaskRabbit before and after photos you’d like to share? Send as un email at tales@taskrabbit.com — we’d love to see them!

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