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ask, and you shall receive

Busy day

Hi, its Rebecca, Marketing Guru at RME. I think of myself as a very busy person (hence the recent lack of blog posts) but I was humbled and put to shame by the entrants who participated in the 2 contests RME sponsored. One was the “Busiest Mom in Boston” contest we developed with and the other was to find the “Busiest Elite Yelper” in Boston. We received hundreds of entries, rich with detail about day-to-day life,  and filled with funny anecdotes, frustrations, hopes, empathy, surprises and gratitude.

Beneath the frantic typing was the sense that although life is busy, our entrants would not want it any other way. Almost all ended their 250 word limit by declaring that life is busy, but happy. “My life is crazy and hectic, but I wouldn’t change it for anything, I would however, love a little help!”

Many applied on behalf of their moms, wives, co-workers, daughter-in-laws and sisters. I hope those nominated were able to read what their nominators said about them. Stories of inspiration and awe and love and admiration. Many deserving women, all in need of the RunMyErrand community and a spa treatment or two! And one husband, on behalf of his wife, lovingly wrote that after cataloging her day for our contest he “does not know how she does it all.”

Our Yelpers were equally busy leading hectic professional and social lives all over Boston. One entrant works full time, is studying at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts at night, practices cooking techniques, completes homework, plays in a band, volunteers at The Boston Food Bank, got married a month ago and tries to see his mom and his in-laws as often as possible.

Reading the stories of busy Bostonians made me wonder what else I could fit into my day. How else could I contribute to not only the enrichment of my life but of others as well. I am encouraged by their ability to squeeze every moment out of their long days but discouraged by their belief that help is a luxury. It is not a luxury – it is widely available!   That is the essence of the RME community — lend a helping hand, be a good neighbor, support those in need.

To the busy Bostonians who entered the contests and those who were even too busy to enter… ask (for help) and  you shall receive!

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