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Another rave review …

This is a fantastic write up from a brand new user Anthony L, who has his own Real Estate Boston Blog.  He used the service today for the very first time and seemed to be pretty THRILLED with the experience!

I may  have just found simply the coolest, most awesome, most convenient, time saving, money saving, most awesome (did I say most awesome?) service in downtown Boston – RunMyErrand.com

Within 10 minutes I got a text message and an email stating that the errand had been “taken” and ANGE N. was in route to come to my office!  WOW…how great, I thought to myself.

I get so excited to hear about these experiences and love when people are surprised by 1) how quickly their errand gets picked up and 2) that this website actually exists!  In this day and age of technology, it only seems natural to be able to outsource your life in this way, AND … when you calculate what your time is worth and compare it to what you are paying … it makes a whole lot of sense!  Thanks for the great write up Anthony … you rock!


  1. I posted your service on my Facebook profile too! Brilliant idea, my biz partner Tony L LOVES your service and I wish you the best of luck!

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