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Another happy customer – Same day goodwill pickup on Beacon Hill.

Another happy customer on Beacon Hill- Jason. S.  Keep the emails coming:

“I wanted to let those who have never tried RunMyErrand know just how easy it is to find a reliable runner to complete your errand. It was 10am last Subeaconhill2nday morning, and my wife and I were preparing to host a party in the early afternoon, which required a thorough cleaning of our small apartment on Beacon Hill. I had a to-do list a mile long, which included taking two enormous bags of old clothes to Goodwill. The bags had been sitting around for a few weeks, waiting for one of us to have the time and energy to carry them a few blocks to our car and drive them to a Goodwill drop-off location.

I decided to try posting the task on RunMyErrand, and was initially skeptical that I could find a runner to complete my errand in the span of a few hours on a weekengoodwilld morning. However, John I. came to my rescue and showed me just how useful RunMyErrand can be. He agreed to complete my errand less than a minute after I had posted it (from a text alert to his cell phone, I later learned), and arranged to come by within the hour to pick up the clothes. John I. showed up promptly at 11am (with a bright green RunMyErrand.com T-shirt, no less) and a minute later the onerous burden of taking clothes to Goodwill was lifted. Thanks so much for building such a convenient service and a network of great runners!”

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