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An open letter to the TaskRabbit community from our founder and CEO

To the TaskRabbit Community:

It’s been five days since we launched The New TaskRabbit in the US, and in that time, we’ve received both positive and negative feedback. We have listened and made every effort to respond to questions in a timely manner. I wanted to take the opportunity to directly address a few things.

The facts.

First, our Taskers and Clients are super passionate about what we are building. As a founder, this is pretty awesome to see. Second, you can’t communicate enough when it comes to big product changes (five emails, webinars, and a cross-country trip for in-person product demos just aren’t enough sometimes). Third, pleasing millions of users simultaneously is impossible. And finally, change is hard, period.

We hear you!

The majority of the feedback we’ve received has been positive and both Taskers and Clients are excited about the new product. We’re hearing that Clients are enjoying the new seamless posting flow – knowing who will complete their task, when it will get done and how much they’ll pay within minutes –  and that Taskers are able to stack their days with tasks like never before. In fact, a look at the data in general shows that the opportunity for work among our most active Taskers has increased by 400 percent. And specifically, as an example, one of our Elite Taskers in Boston was hired 19 times in one day.

As with any change, we’re also hearing there is some confusion. For example, some Clients are having difficulty finding Taskers who are available for tasks that must be completed at a specific day and time. On the flip side, we’re hearing some Taskers are confused about the matching algorithm, and are concerned that they won’t make the same amount of money with the new product.

We are acting quickly on your feedback.

TaskRabbit has always been a community-driven company and has built its product based on our users’ needs. In fact, the company name “TaskRabbit” was actually chosen by our community in 2009. Since the launch of The New TaskRabbit, we’ve been gathering each and every piece of feedback – good and bad – so we can continue to evolve the product to match your needs.

We have prioritized the most important pieces and you can expect to see a new scheduling filter so only Taskers who are available when Clients specifically need them are shown, and an improved, clearer experience for “rescued” tasks by the end of the week.

So, what happens next?

We continue to evolve the product together. We made a big change last week, but it was just the beginning. This change was necessary for TaskRabbit as our previous platform was not sufficiently matching the explosive demand growth we are experiencing.

In the first five days, we’ve already gathered enough feedback to make iterations on The New TaskRabbit to better meet our community’s needs. This is something we will continue to do in the coming days and weeks. It’s just a part of our DNA.

My vision is to revolutionize how work gets done on a global scale.  As with any huge vision, we won’t be able to achieve it overnight. But, I am committed to delivering on this vision to ensure we continue to have a positive impact on people’s lives.

We invite your feedback as we continue to enhance our product, allowing  you to live and work smarter.

Leah Busque, Founder & CEO, TaskRabbit

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