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Moving Task Descriptions

Planning a move is a big undertaking–and you have our sympathy. You may be surprised by all the ways that Taskers can help. From packing to moving boxes, read on for the range of moving services provided by TaskRabbit and learn how we can support you at any–or every–step of your move. We got your back (literally, we will do the heavy lifting for you!)

Once you start chatting with a Tasker, they can help you iron out any missing details! Here are some key considerations:

When you book a Help Moving task, your task description is crucial to helping the Tasker understand how to plan. If you need help packing and unpacking, book a Full Service Help Moving task to ensure the expectations are mutual. 

Determine if you need 1 or more Taskers. Since Taskers are independent contractors, it is not possible to hire multiple Taskers through one task. If you need multiple Taskers, you can hire them yourself or ask your Tasker for referrals. 

Moving an entire home is very different than moving just a few items within your building! A detailed task description is the best foundation for a smooth task. This information up front helps a Tasker understand what questions to ask so they can provide the best possible service. 

Double check your task description and chat thread content for typos. We’ve seen plenty of misspelled street names, zip codes that are a digit off, and incorrect time estimates and little mistakes can lead to much bigger ones! 

Use chat to confirm with the Tasker if you need them to rent a vehicle, if they have moving supplies like a dolly and blankets, if you already have boxes and packing tape, etc. 

If your Tasker rents a vehicle and pays for gas, or if they have to grab additional supplies like more packing tape, confirm that you will approve expenses incurred once the Tasker uploads a receipt to the chat thread. 

To make it easier to book your moving task, we’ve prepared some moving “mad libs”. 

Here are a few sample task descriptions for the most common types of moving tasks on TaskRabbit. If you need help getting started you can copy and paste one of these into your task description–just fill in the blanks!

When you’re booking the task, you will be promoted to indicate if the move requires a vehicle and how long you estimate the task will take, so those details are excluded from the sample descriptions below. But feel free to reiterate any vehicle requirements and the estimated duration. 

For more tips to support you on your moving adventure, check out:

Ready to book a moving task?

Tips for installing curtains & blinds

Window treatments are a great way to enhance your home’s decor and achieve energy efficiency, too. But for many people the process of choosing and installing curtains, blinds, shades, and drapes is not quick or easy. Sound like you? We’re here to help you check this home improvement task off your to-do list!

Here’s what you need to know about picking out the perfect window treatments–and getting them installed.


Curtains are a wonderful way to create ambiance in a room no matter what your style is. Curtains are also a simple and practical room darkening solution. 

Before you book:

Typically curtain installation includes installing a curtain rod or rods, in addition to putting up the curtains. Taskers can also remove and replace previous hardware, patch holes, apply touch-up paint, etc. Think through what you need and make sure to put it into your task description.

Let your Tasker know:

  • If you want the curtain rod hung on the window frame, or a certain distance past it. Typically curtain rods are mounted about 3” past the window frame on each side. 
  • If your curtains should hang from a certain height. The standard height is to mount the rod 4” above the window frame.


Shades and blinds have a neat appearance and are an easy way to adjust lighting in a room. They are especially useful in rooms where you watch TV, or rooms where you want to better insulate your windows.

Before you book:

If you’re getting inside-mount shades hung, you will need to provide exact measurements when you place your order. Need help? Use our Room Measurement services to feel confident before you make your shades purchase. 

Outside-mount shades are more forgiving! Outside-mount shades are also helpful for blocking drafty windows since they cover the entire window casing. Many shades come with the option for a valance, cordless pulls, room darkening, and other features. Hire Interior Design help if you want suggestions for window treatment options.

Let your Tasker know:

  • If you prefer for your outside-mount blinds to be mounted on the window frame, wall, or ceiling.
  • If you do or do not want cleats mounted, around which the cords of your shade can be wrapped. 


Despite the grandmillenial trend (and perhaps some Bridgerton influence?), drapes are less common these days, as they are more formal and require a bit more skill to hang. 

Let your Tasker know:

  • Confirm the height at which the drapes should be hung with your Tasker. While drapes usually skirt the floor, you may not want them to if you have pets or small children.
  • If you prefer your drapes hung at the standard 4” past the window on each side, or if you have another vision. Since drapes are typically open during the day, you want to be sure they won’t block too much light in an open position.

Additional useful information

Here are some details to provide the Tasker in the task description, and over the chat thread.

  • How many curtains or blinds will you need hung–or taken down!
  • Confirm that you already have the shades/curtains, as well as the rods and the hardware 
  • If you’ve double checked that what you’ve purchased will fit your windows
  • If you know the wall type into which the Tasker will be mounting (so they can bring the right tools)
  • If you need the Tasker to remove previous hardware, and/or do any paint touch-ups
  • If you have a ladder or step ladder the Tasker can use

While the Tasker you hire can troubleshoot issues, be prepared to communicate with them before, during, and after the task to make sure you’re satisfied. 

Ready to transform the look and feel of your space? Consider IKEA window treatments for affordable options, and use TaskRabbit to get it done

Show us your space!

If you have good before/after photos of your task, be sure to follow @taskrabbit on Instagram and tag us in your posts!

Information provided by The Hutch is for general and informational purposes only and we make no warranty regarding the accuracy, completeness, or validity of any content. 

Finding Which Wallpaper Type Is Right for Your Home

Beautiful wallpaper prints have the power to completely transform a space and also happen to be a major interior design trend right now. Wallpapering can breathe new life into a home office, make a splash in an entryway, or create a playful environment in your kids’ room.

From an accent wall to a mural, the type of wallpaper you choose depends on factors like how much time you want to invest, your budget, the type of wall finish you have, whether you rent or own, and how long you want the wallpaper to last. Keep reading to learn more about which wallpaper type is right for your home.

Wallpaper Types

Unpasted Wallpaper

Out of all of the different wallpaper types, hanging unpasted wallpaper is by far the biggest undertaking. While this type of wallpaper will last you the longest, the process can be time consuming and a bit messy. In addition to gauging the right amount of wallpaper and paste to use, application prep involves:

  • Priming your walls
  • Laying out wallpaper strips on a surface that can get messy, in preparation for applying paste
  • Applying paste on the top half of the back of the strip and gently fold (don’t bend), repeat for the lower half. This ensures consistent adhesion across the entire surface
  • Waiting for the water and glue to “book”–soak into the paper–according to the suggested time for your specific wallpaper 
  • Stick the top half of the strip along your measured line on the wall, and smooth out bubbles
  • Making sure you overlap onto adjacent wall when applying to a corner, to make sure you have enough paper for a clean corner
  • Repeating for lower half
  • Trimming excess
  • Removing excess glue

Pre-Pasted Wallpaper

Pre-pasted wallpaper comes with an adhesive that is activated with water and doesn’t last as long as the unpasted option. The application process involves:

  • Applying a good amount of moisture for the glue to stick, being careful to not use too much water on the paste (which can make the paper too damp or weaken the glue). 
  • Using a spray bottle to activate the adhesive
  • Folding the strip in half so the sides with paste touch, which activates the glue. This ensures consistent adhesion across the entire surface
  • Removing excess glue once hung with a damp cloth

Peel and Stick Wallpaper

While peel and stick wallpaper has become popular among DIYers, it’s still a pretty big project–especially for larger walls or walls with windows, doors, or other challenging dimensions to measure. However, out of all of the wallpaper options, peel and stick wallpaper is the most forgiving and the best option for renters looking to spruce up their space without making the long term commitment. The application process involves:

  • From top to bottom, peeling off the backing and apply slowly and carefully, smoothing bubbles as you go as well as after you’ve applied 
  • Overlapping the top and bottom edges and plan to trim excess
  • Smoothing the entire surface and planning to re-apply if there are air pockets (you can use your hand but it’s best to use a wallpaper smoothing tool)

Need some help getting started?

Whichever type of wallpaper type you choose and no matter how many walls you want to cover, Taskers can help.

Information provided by The Hutch is for general and informational purposes only and we make no warranty regarding the accuracy, completeness, or validity of any content. 

Celebrating the done: How we managed buying our first home, and a move, in 2020

Lottie Mather is a TaskRabbit client based in the United Kingdom. She and her partner just purchased their first home in Bristol and hired Taskers to help with the move. When she’s not working as a marketing and PR freelancer, she is a knowledgeable nutritionist and enjoys all things related to food, wellness, and home decor. 


While we never expected to move during a pandemic — and definitely hadn’t planned for it — my partner and I recently bought our first home during lockdown. It was a journey after a winter of disappointments with sellers pulling out, deals falling through and homebuyer survey reports so bad they were keeping us up at night, but eventually our dream home became available and we eagerly made an offer.

Fast forward five months and we found ourselves signing contracts and preparing for a move while the world was continuing to navigate the new normal of social distancing and everyday PPE. With my partner back at work full-time and most of my waking hours spent trying to secure more freelance projects, the prospect of moving had become quite daunting. For the few hours a day that we weren’t working, we were packing up our flat, creating Pinterest boards for every room in the house and searching on Gumtree for pre-loved goodies. Our new 19th-century Victorian terrace had a bag of charm but was in need of some TLC, so our list of  DIY tasks was getting longer every day. Thankfully, once we’d lugged our worldly belongings across Bristol during a British heatwave (who’d have thought it!?), we found a wonderful Tasker, Peter S., who came to our rescue. 

No Task is Too Small


To get started we divided up our DIY list into two categories: tasks that needed to be done asap and tasks that could wait until we were more settled. We then added the most urgent ones to my to-do list in the TaskRabbit app. From there it was smooth sailing and really easy to book our Tasker by adding a few more details and selecting the date and time for each task. Peter instantly stood out from the other available Taskers for a few reasons: he could cover all our needs, had glowing reviews, was badged as an Elite Tasker, and was super responsive.  When he arrived he was well equipped, full of energy, and ready to tackle the to-do list I had ready for him.

Task #1: TV Mounting

First things first, my partner had to have his new 65” TV mounted in the living room that, according to him, “takes gaming to a whole new level.” He bought it off a friend for £250, which I have to admit was a bargain despite it being far too big for our cosy living room and straying heavily from our eclectic, artisanal Pinterest board theme. Because of how large it is, it was important to get it mounted and off the floor to clear up space and give us a cleaner aesthetic.

We already had the bracket and screws for the TV, so Peter got to work finding the perfect spot for it on the wall and measured up the space using his tape measure and spirit level. He then drilled the bracket to the wall with his electric drill and double-checked the placement before attaching the TV to the bracket. It took about 45 minutes for Peter to mount it, leaving him plenty of time to move on to the TV in the bedroom. For this one, we needed a unique bracket, so we ordered one from Argos the night before and Peter kindly collected it for us on the way to our house. This TV was much smaller and easier to hang, so it only took him about 30 minutes the second time around. Not only was the end result great but we really appreciated Peter’s attention to detail. Having the TVs so properly mounted not only took gaming to the next level, but it also took the space to a new level as well.

Book TV mounting

Task #2: Light Installation  

The more pressing task on our list was updating the lighting. One of the first things we fell in love with about the house was the period features like the ceiling rose and archway, both of which were crying out for some good lighting. We had plug sockets that were held together with tape (do NOT try that at home!) and we didn’t feel comfortable using them, so Peter first checked the wiring and replaced the sockets with brand new versions which we bought from the hardware store. 

Being such an old house the wiring wasn’t in the best shape, but Peter persevered and did a fantastic job getting our new light fittings up and running. He started by taking down the old lights, then connecting the new light fittings before hanging them securely. He even worked out what extra elements were needed and bought the items for us from the hardware store, which was hugely helpful. Having this task completed and off our to-do list was a lifesaver. We were able to prep for other projects that required the lighting to be up to par while Peter worked on getting it there. Now that it’s complete we can enjoy (and see!) all of the charm our new home has to offer.

Book light installation

Celebrate the Done

Peter was a friendly face amongst the craziness of the last few weeks, and having his help made our move not only less stressful but more enjoyable. He helped to make our new house quickly feel like a home — and in the midst of all the chaos of a move, took a lot of the pressure off. We’ve been able to relax and enjoy the joy of buying our first home without having to tackle the to-do list that comes with it alone. Thank you Peter for helping us make our space feel like home and for allowing us to celebrate that feeling of ‘done.’ 

Book a Tasker and Celebrate the Done.

Celebrating the dog days of summer, and the feeling of “done”!


Labor Day weekend is the traditional “end of summer” moment–when we try to get in all of our swimming, sunning, and summer funning before the first leaf turns crisp and tumbles from the tree. 

But this year? Nothing is normal. 

The days may still get shorter as they pass, but to savor summer we’ve rounded up some projects that can help you feel both accomplished AND relaxed during a time when we’re all craving both of those feelings. 

We like to call it: “Celebrating the Done”.

Breathing in that “new car smell”

car wash

Did you know you can hire a Tasker to come wash your car inside and out, in your very own driveway (or parking spot)? If you’ve taken a road trip or are planning one–especially if you have kids–an interior vacuum can work wonders on all the sand, crumbs, and spills.

Book Car Washing

Giving your outdoor spaces a spa day

Sick of staring at a dirty deck, stained window trim, or a sidewalk that’s been heavily trafficked with neighbors doing laps around the block? A power-washed surface can breathe new life into your environment. This service has been great for people looking to turn their outdoor spaces into working spaces.

Book Pressure Washing

Building a new play area for kids and fur babies


Dreaming of a treehouse, dog run, swing set, or other ways to maximize your outdoor space given all the time we’re now spending at home? Many within the TaskRabbit community have been enjoying the bounty of these tasks while staying home. 

Book Carpentry

Enjoying aromatherapy with a small space herb garden

Form and function can unite in your own personal window garden! Consider mint for tea, basil for salad, rosemary for seasoning, or any other greenery with which you can cook, add to cocktails, or feed your soul. Even if you live in an apartment building, you can get a consultation on what will grow best in your light and space–plus get containers, soil, seeds, and plants delivered directly to your door.

Book Yard Work

Falling back in love with your view


This is one of those things that you don’t know you need until after you get it done. Like, maybe you can technically see out your window, but can you recall the last time it got a good rinse? Presto change-o–your working and living views can soon be brighter and lighter. Your dog will be so happy!

Book Window Cleaning

Updating an outdoor space for the season

Still looking to create or update an outdoor space–where you can work as well as socially distance with friends? It can be overwhelming to decide what outdoor furniture to get, how to optimize outdoor storage and find ways to make a small space work for everyone in the household. Interior designers can also provide exterior design help–virtually if preferred!

Book Interior Design

Whatever projects you’ve been waiting to tackle, Taskers can make them that much easier. Let’s get outside and soak up every last bit of summer. Book a Tasker and Celebrate the Done



Back to school, at home


With schools and parents everywhere figuring out how they’ll achieve distanced teaching and learning this year, one thing is certain: it will look different than ever before. And absolutely no one is an expert at it. As weird and stressful as the year has been so far for parents, it may be even more stressful for kids and teens as they get ready for the school year. So it’s extra important to help them feel like going into 2nd grade or freshman year *is* exciting, even if it’s not the same as going in person right now. 

As with everything when it comes to kids, it takes a village–and you can consider TaskRabbit a part of that village. With the back to school season upon us, we’ve put together a survival guide that can hopefully help parents and kids alike feel prepared for this new adventure. 

Home Room

Kids can really benefit from having their own dedicated spaces to learn and dream big. Whether it involves reorganizing their bedroom, transforming the kitchen table, or changing up your shared living space, it’s possible no matter your square footage. 

To get ready for distance learning, consider investing in a desk or floor lamp so your kid/s can see and be seen clearly by their teacher and classmates over video. You can also use video classes as an incentive to help them keep things tidy. For elementary school kids especially, clean-up is important for transitioning from one activity to the next. 

For shared living spaces, think about booking an Organization task to categorize shelves, pick up bins or baskets, and help give your child their own area. Laptop sleeves, separate bins for art supplies, and a dedicated shelf for school books are all simple, low-cost ways to stay organized. To give teens and tweens versatile desk space (and some autonomy), consider a tray table that they can take throughout your home. 

Helping kids keep their study areas orderly and tidy is a much bigger challenge when it’s a 24/7 challenge–and we salute you for stepping up to it! 


Lunch Time

TaskRabbit can totally save the day at lunch time–whether you book a Tasker to grocery shop, grab take-out, or even come and cook a week’s worth of lunches for you to store in the fridge, make it easier on yourself when you can. You deserve a break too! 


Sitting at the dining table or in front of a laptop is something we all have to offset—with rest, movement, and play! During the pandemic, Taskers have assembled equipment like trampolines and  swing sets for kids to release some energy and get some exercise. If you don’t have the space, making time for a few walks during the day is healthy for kids and parents alike. Or, if you’re staying in, learning new yoga poses together doesn’t take up much space. It’s Yoga Kids® has great resources and easy activities, designed for kids of all ages. 

Another approach to recess that is probably not offered in most curricula is mindfulness. There’s no getting around it: the pandemic has had a ripple effect on all of our stress levels. It’s incredibly important for our kids to feel there is a way forward. We love the tips and ideas from the experts at the Child Mind Institute, who give easy activities that you and your children can do to both bond and find a bit of calm in your everyday life.


Art Class

Plants and wall art bring imaginative elements into your kids’ space. If your littles are elementary school age and don’t yet have a pet, plants can also be a low-maintenance training option for them to learn care and responsibility. You can start with a spending limit, then let them put their dream space together on a platform like Pinterest. Plus, there’s plenty of fun to be had when you chip in with your own ideas (or boards!). It’s an easy, free way to collaborate and bond over the home you’re spending so much more time together in these days. There are Taskers who will offer virtual Interior Design services that could be fun for your tween or teen to reinvent themselves, and do a big reveal on a social Zoom call in the absence of having a sleepover. Our own Pinterest page has a lot of inspiration!

Extra Credit

Kids go through clothes and shoes almost as fast as they go through applesauce, pencils, and cellphone data. If you have a tradition where you go back to school shopping with the kiddos, you can still do it online–or get a Tasker to make the rounds at various stores. Consider pulling out what doesn’t fit anymore or items you know your tween is so over. It’s easy to book a Donation Drop-Off task so that kids in need get new gear too. 

We hope these ideas can help as you brace yourself for whatever approach your kids’ school is taking to distanced learning. Need an extra set of hands? TaskRabbit is here to help.

When Spring Cleaning Becomes Summer Cleaning


Photo by Huy Phan on

Spring cleaning. It never seems to happen during spring, does it? Have no fear! We have a few tips to help refresh your living space so that you have a space that shines all summer long.

1. Collect clutter items such as old magazines, books, and children’s toys to donate.

Not only will you have more open space, but you can also donate items to your local Goodwill or other organizations that take donations. Need help dropping off your donations? Hire a Tasker to help.

2. Change out seasonal items such as shower curtains, smoke detector batteries, and light bulbs.

Consider changing light bulbs to compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs to conserve energy. The change will make an impact on your electricity bill, as well as the environment. That’s a win-win. Get it done fast with the help of a handyman.

3. Organize seasonal items so that winter items go into storage.

By going through your clothes, you can open up closet space and sort through items you no longer want. Remember the “love it, hate it, like it” system where items you hate are put into a bag for donation, items you love are organized to go back in your closet, and items you like can be put into storage to reassess when you have more time. Not sure where to get started? An organizational Tasker can give you tips or a helping hand. 

4. Organize and label your cleaning supplies so that you have an accurate inventory of items you need around the house.

If a cleaning emergency pops up, you’d be surprised to know how many non-toxic, common household items can be used instead of harsh chemicals. Did you know that you can stop an annoying faucet leak by tying a string around the end of the faucet so that the water flows down the string rather than dripping until you can get it fixed?

5. Keep a daily routine of quick chores to keep the house tidy.

If you clean as you cook or get into a habit of recycling magazines as soon as you are done with them, you will prevent disorder around the house and the need to clean it. When you’re ready for a deep clean a Tasker can help.

Learn more about how a Tasker can at

TaskRabbit’s Father’s Day gift guide


Father’s Day is around the corner and now is the time to figure out that perfect gift for Dad. We’ve put together a list of ideas on how you can surprise Dad this year with the help of TaskRabbit.

Hire a Tasker to help get your yard back in order. A Tasker can help clear weeds, clear trimmings, and replant gardens.


A Tasker can give your outdoor grill the deep cleaning it needs in order to get it ready for a season of BBQs.

Give him the day off by booking him a virtual assistant. From organizing files to managing your inbox a Tasker can help you get important tasks done efficiently.


Get Dad’s favorite snacks dropped off right at his front door with contactless delivery. A Tasker will pick up what you need and get it dropped off quickly and carefully.


Help Dad tackle his tasks around the house with the help of a handyman. From home repairs to mounting a TV, a Tasker will help Dad checkoff his to-do list.

Give Dad the gift of time this Father’s Day  — schedule a Tasker today!


How You’ve Been Moving In 2021

This summer is filled with new possibilities. For some, it means renovating and refreshing the space that you’re currently in. For others, it might mean finally moving into that neighborhood you’ve been dreaming about.

To celebrate fresh starts, we took a look at a few stats across the U.S. and in some of our largest cities and neighborhoods to see how you’ve really been tasking.

Here’s How People are Moving Across the U.S.

With so much going on and a lot of uncertainty it was no surprise to see that moving tasks in 2020 took a slight dip. But like most of us, they quickly rebounded in 2021.

Some states were impacted more than others. Despite their popularity, New York and California both saw decreases in 2020 before rebounding in 2021 while Texas and Florida saw the opposite to be true. Both saw a slight increase in 2020 and spiked in 2021.

Fun fact: Across the U.S. there are more apartment movers than home movers. This is especially true in New York where 87% of people are apartment movers, compared with just 13% who needed help moving into or out of a home.

Wondering where the hot new place to move to is? Here are the top cities and states people are moving to in 2021.

Here’s How People are Moving in Some of our Most Popular Cities

The struggle of finding the perfect apartment in New York is real. Thankfully, you can rely on Taskers to get you where you want to go, regardless of whether it’s a brownstown or a six-floor walkup. So far in 2021, Taskers in NYC have:

  • Loaded over 10,000 trucks
  • Moved over 6,500 couches, 3,000 TVs, and 5,000 mattresses
  • Helped over 12,000 apartment dwellers and 2,500 home owners with their moves

Wondering what neighborhood everyone is moving to in NYC? Here are the top 10 NYC moving neighborhood (by number of moving/lift & shift tasks):

  1. Union Square
  2. East Village
  3. Chelsea
  4. NYU
  5. Lower East Side
  6. Murray Hill
  7. Williamsburg
  8. Greenwich Village
  9. DUMBO / Brooklyn Heights
  10. Stuyvesant Heights-Bushwick

Now, just because Union Square residents book the most moving tasks, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re moving across town. While people typically think of moving as changing residences, these New Yorkers are using TaskRabbit for much more than just moving from apartment to apartment. We call these “Lift & Shift” tasks — when you need some extra muscle to rearrange furniture, or help getting rid of that stale couch. 

People from around the world flock to the Bay Area to enjoy beautiful sights and the buzzing tech scene. In the Bay – where a few years is considered a lifetime – people move in and out often. Here are a few things we noticed about Moving trends in SF Bay Area:

  • There have been 15% more move-ins than move-outs in 2021, as people begin to settle into their new homes.
  • The average moving task takes a couple hours to complete – 1:58min to be exact.
  • People need more help with moving boxes than with packing or unpacking them. In 2021 there were twice as many tasks involving the former. 

Wondering what neighborhood everyone is moving to in SF? Here are the top 10 SF moving neighborhood (by number of moving/lift & shift tasks):

  1. Nob Hill / Russian Hill
  2. Dogpatch / Potrero Hill
  3. The Mission
  4. Panhandle / Cole Valley
  5. SoMa
  6. Pac Heights / Western Addition
  7. Duboce Triangle / Noe Valley
  8. The Marina
  9. Richmond / The Presidio
  10. Hayes Valley

Unlike NYC and SF where moving tasks are clustered in similar areas, moving tasks in Atlanta are spread out far and wide across the city, from Smyrna in the west end to Medlock Park in the east.

  • There have been more moving tasks in 2021 than in 2019 and 2020 combined.
  • Atlanta is one of only a few metros where we see more moving tasks for homes than apartments (5.3% more, in case you were wondering)
  • The most commonly moved furniture items in Atlanta are (in order): beds & mattresses, couches, dressers, chairs, TVs

Wondering what neighborhood everyone is moving to in ATL? Here are the top 10 ATL moving neighborhood (by number of moving/lift & shift tasks):

  1. Midtown / Sherwood Forest
  2. Lindridge-Martin Manor / Pine Hills
  3. Brookview Heights / Blandtown
  4. Brookhaven
  5. Smyrna
  6. Peachtree Heights West
  7. Lake Claire / Emory Village
  8. Briarcliff Heights
  9. Cumberland
  10. Medlock Park

Austin likes to move fast.

Greater South River City wins at everything.

Apparently, GSRC in Austin is a popular neighborhood for moving and cleaning task action. Over the years Taskers have helped residents in GSRC move the most often, followed by East Austin and Downtown.

  • The proportion of tasks in Austin that involve moving things to/from a storage unit is 23% higher than the national average
  • There are 16% more apartment moves in Austin than home moves

Wondering what neighborhood everyone is moving to in ATX? Here are the top 10 ATX moving neighborhood (by number of moving/lift & shift tasks):

  1. Greater South River City
  2. East Austin
  3. Downtown Austin
  4. South Austin
  5. Old West Austin / Tarrytown
  6. Pleasant Valley
  7. West Lake Hills / Rollingwood
  8. North Austin
  9. Cedar Park
  10. Southpark Meadows

No matter where you live–Taskers are here to help your move a little bit easier. Whether you’re moving to a new house or just rearranging your living room, Taskers have got you covered. Ready to get started? Book your task today.

6 Tips For Downsizing Before A Move

Moving can be very exciting. It marks the start of a new chapter full of fun and exciting possibilities. That said it can also be a bit overwhelming. Did you know that moving happens to be one of the life events that people find most stressful?

A big part of that is the process of packing up your entire home and getting it ready to move. If you’re gearing up for a move you may be wondering, how do I take the stress and anxiety out of this process? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve pulled together a list of tips and tricks to make downsizing before your move a bit more organized and a lot less stressful.

First thing’s first. You should know that Moving Day will creep up on you fast, so it’s best to get organized ahead of time. Create a timeline and map out what you need to accomplish before moving day. This will help you stay on top of what to get done and ensure that nothing gets overlooked.

Think you’ll need help later on? You don’t have to wait until moving day to get help. You can book your Tasker early or set a reminder to book at a future date.

When getting your house organized, you should go room by room, right…?


Follow the KonMari Method, which encourages tidying up by category, not location. Work in this order: clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous items, then finally sentimental items. This way you won’t turn one room completely upside down, or end up knee-deep in a pile of clothes.

Taskers recommend categorizing everything into the following categories: trash, donate, sell, and keep. How you categorize your items will depend on your own personal needs, but clients typically start with the first three categories, as below:


  • Anything no longer in working condition
  • Unneeded files & clutter
  • Outdated equipment (e.g. toaster, treadmill)
  • Expired medicines
  • Expired cosmetics


  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Mattresses
  • CDs/DVDs
  • Furniture
  • Artwork


  • Electronics
  • Jewelry
  • Appliances in good condition
  • House plants
  • Antiques

Sorting out the three categories above is easy, and Taskers can help with junk removal, cleaning, or organization. Deciding what to keep, though, is something you’ll have to figure out on your own. This step is hard, since we can become surprisingly attached to things we don’t need.

Just remind yourself: the more you can get rid of now–by tossing, donating, or selling–the less you’ll have to move later on. Consider this a chance to purge the non-essentials and move forward with the things that make you happy.

That vintage poster from your travels abroad? Keep. Chipped mugs? Toss.

Paper has a tendency to stack up over time. In the process of downsizing, you’ll probably find pamphlets, magazines, or even tax returns from years past. Carrying these around is way too cumbersome. If you don’t need something, toss it.

For the things you need to keep, see if you can digitize either by saving them to a drive or uploading them to the cloud. Same goes for old cassettes, photos, and CDs. A Tasker can help you with this if you’re unsure where to start.

As you continue to sort out your items, another problem emerges: How to actually sell or give away the things you no longer need. Here are a couple ideas:

  • Host a “house cooling” party: Get together with friends and family, and see if anyone might want something you no longer need. This can be a creative (and fun) excuse to reconnect with loved ones before your move.
  • Donation drop off: For items that are ready to be donated, hire a Tasker to pick them up and drop them off to the organization of your choice.

Now that you’ve downsized, the only thing left to do is book a Tasker for Moving Day. For tips on actually booking your moving task, check out our Moving Task Description blog post.

Information provided by The Hutch is for general and informational purposes only and we make no warranty regarding the accuracy, completeness, or validity of any content.

Gardening Trends To Jump On This Summer

Summer is here, and now more than ever, it’s marked by excitement and anticipation for what’s to come–warmer weather, longer days, and more time to spend outdoors. While outdoor garden spaces have always been around, this year they’re gaining new popularity as people are looking for ways to spend more time outside while reducing stress after a year stuck at home.

Now, even with life inching back towards normality, it’s clear this trend isn’t going anywhere. Whether you’re looking for a new project or just getting your garden started, these trends will transform your outdoor space and be a guaranteed hit this summer.

In the past year, many of us turned to outdoor spaces like patios, gardens, and backyards for a much needed respite from the indoors. We saw first-hand how versatile they could be as they provided us with an alternative space to work, a spot to ‘get away,’ and somewhere to relax after being stuck inside. Unsurprisingly, the term Friluftsliv, a Norwegian word that translates to “open air living,” has been trending in 2021 and more people are looking at their outdoor spaces with fresh eyes.

One of the biggest trends this summer is creating outdoor living spaces to unwind. For many, this can be as simple as getting outdoor furniture for the backyard and creating a seating area. However, if you’ve been following this trend on social media you’ve seen people take it a step further, creating full living room set ups including lighting, rugs, and even setting up projectors to watch their favorite shows. Add some good food and drinks and you’ve officially unlocked “Friluftsliv.”  

Ready to set up your outdoor living space? Book a Tasker to help you get started.

While summer brings longer days and warmer weather there’s still nothing better than spending a night by a fire. Outdoor fireplaces are a huge trend this year thanks not only to the added warmth they bring but also due to the cozy ambiance they create that takes your outdoor space to the next level. And because these are so popular right now there are many different styles to choose from, making it easy to find the right outdoor fireplace to match your decor. Whether you go with a fire pit, fire table, gas, or wood burning version, one thing is for sure – adding an outdoor fireplace to your garden will turn up the heat on your summer nights.

Those with a green thumb know that there’s no better feeling than growing something on your own and if there’s one thing we love about the garden grow box trend, it’s that everyone can get on board. No matter if you have a large backyard or a small patio space, the size of your grow box and what’s grown inside, can be sized up or down to fit your specific garden needs. Garden boxes make it easy to grow everything from lettuce to herbs and they’re a great way to get fresh ingredients straight from your garden and into your kitchen. 

Get tips on how to grow fresh herbs and make your garden more green here.

Most people don’t have access to a private garden of their own but city-dwellers have been finding ways to get creative. This year one of the trends taking over our Instagram feeds are vertical gardens. A modern take on the hanging basket, a vertical garden is a creative way to utilize a small space and still have the lush garden of your dreams. From vertical garden stands to mounting gardening boxes on your wall, this creative technique not only allows you to grow fresh herbs and vegetables, it also adds to your outdoor or indoor aesthetic. 

Need help setting up your vertical garden? Hire a Tasker to help

From setting up the perfect outdoor oasis to creative garden solutions, this summer’s gardening trends are all about making the most of your outdoor space.

Information provided by The Hutch is for general and informational purposes only and we make no warranty regarding the accuracy, completeness, or validity of any content.

6 Ways to Reuse Your Online Shopping Boxes

Blog Feature Image

If you’re like the rest of the internet, the next week will feel a little like Christmas in July as your Prime Day purchases land on your doorstep. Just don’t get trapped with a pile of cardboard after you unbox your goods! Online shopping doesn’t have to generate a ton of waste. We’ve rounded up a few easy ways to repurpose your cardboard boxes.

DIY Storage Bins

Wrap boxes with canvas or rope to create storage bins for those miscellaneous items floating around the house. You can get creative with patterned fabrics and bows as accents.  

IMG_7527 copy

Give Back

Hire a Tasker to help you break down your boxes and take them to the recycling plant. Or better yet, fill them with objects you’d like to donate to a charity like Goodwill or your local library, and a Tasker can drop them off

Stylish Shoe Rack

Stack cardboard folded into 3D triangles for a lightweight, geometric shoe rack.


Homemade Chalkboard

DIY a chalkboard by coating a piece of cardboard with chalkboard paint and framing it.  

Drawer Dividers

Silverware or sock drawer piling up? Get them in order with DIY cardboard drawer dividers.


Cat Hammock

Pets love cardboard boxes, so share the love with your furry friend. All you need is a sturdy, medium-sized box, a box cutter, and a fleece blanket.


Fathers Day 2021 Gift Guide

Father’s Day is around the corner and if you’re like us, you might be stumped on what to get Dad this year. This year, ditch the personalized coffee cups – get Dad an experience that will make his life easier. We’ve put together a gift guide that thinks outside the box (literally) and will show Dad how much you care.

This one’s for the Dad that never fails to, uh… impress with their seemingly endless trove of “dad jokes”. Gift Dad the true joy of having a cheerful companion who will actually laugh at all their corny “dad jokes” with enthusiasm (and without eye-rolling), no matter how hopelessly embarrassing they might be. They may even come equipped with a dad joke themselves for some back-and-forth banter. Now, you may be asking, when does a regular joke become a dad joke? Trust us, you’ll know… 

The best gifts can’t always be wrapped and sometimes what the busy Dads in our life need, is a little extra time. This year give Dad a break and a little time back. From the never-ending “Honey Do” list to those home projects that he’s been putting off, Taskers are here to help get it done so he can spend more time doing what he loves. 

This task is for the Dad in your life who would jump at the chance to kick back, relax and watch their favorite sports game. Help Dad achieve the ultimate fan experience from home by hiring a Tasker who can make it happen. We’re talking food, beverages, decorations, and anything else Dad needs to get the party started. Just connect with an event planning Tasker to let them know everything that’s needed to plan and set up the ultimate game day experience – and they’ll deliver!

Whether it’s help around the house or his own personal laugh track we’ve got you covered this Father’s Day. Book a Tasker and show Dad how much you appreciate him.

12 Ways To Upcycle

Being more eco friendly around the home is a goal that many households are trying to achieve. From eliminating plastic to using all natural cleaning products, there are many ways we can “go green” by switching up what we buy and use. But what about the items you already have around the house? 

Upcycling is about getting creative with items headed for landfill, and giving them a new purpose. Not sure where to get started? We’ve put together 12 ideas to inspire you.

  1. Refurbish your furniture: Give your furniture a new look and functionality with a few small tweaks! Update old furniture by sanding, painting, and varnishing.
  2. Repair your furniture: Give older or damaged items a second chance by hiring a Tasker to come fix it. Given Taskers’ expertise with assembling IKEA furniture, they are also knowledgeable about making minor repairs to your IKEA furniture.
  3. Share: If you’re a parent, you know kids grow out of stuff almost as soon as they start using it. Instead of buying new kids’ items, upcycle within your group of friends to circulate used gear, contribute what your kids have outgrown. Consider expanding the circle within local moms groups or charities. Use TaskRabbit’s donation drop-off services to assist.
  4. Repurpose: Speaking of kids, one use for old towels, sheets, etc. can be building material for tents and forts! This activity is especially suited for cool or rainy days when you’re all stuck indoors.
  5. Donate: Post on a community forum if you have an excessive amount of something–for instance, wine corks, newspapers, wood, etc. Chances are someone in your area will have a use for them! On balance, use these forums to source furniture, clothes, and kitchen items. that you’re looking for. A Tasker can help transport the items from your home to their next home.
  6. Reinvent the wheel: Add wheels to furniture–like a small bookshelf–and turn it into a bar cart, utility cart, or kitchen island that you can move around as needed.
  7. Reupholster: Upgrade chairs with new tie-on cushions, stuffing, or fabric. Get wild with color and patterns if that’s your thing! If you’re not into the idea of reupholstering your whole couch, use a Tasker to remove it from your home–and ideally into someone else’s rather than the dump! You can post in the “free” section of Craigslist to see if there are any takers.
  8. Get scrappy: Use old clothing, scarves, or fabric scraps in all sorts of ways: as cleaning rags, gift wrapping, pillow cases, curtains, pet outfits, pet toys, doll toys, sewing practice…you can get super creative!
  9. Jazz up your walls: Who said gallery walls and wall art has to be paintings or photos? Unique wall art made of reclaimed shutters, window frames, doors, rugs, knobs, etc. is sure to spark conversation with visitors to your home, and add some warmth and texture to your walls. Get a Tasker for when it comes time to safely mount!
  10. Display your houseplants: If you’re planning on getting rid of old stools or containers, reimagine them as plant stands! As any plant parent knows, showing off your green thumb and displaying your greenery is part of the fun. Book a Painting task to make your plant display pop.
  11. Stuff a pouf–or make one: Use fabric scraps or old scarves to stuff or sew a homemade poof! This project gets bonus points because not only are you creating something from upcycled material, you can use other materials you have around the house that you may not be productively using like blankets, quilts, and pillows, as stuffing.
  12. Upgrade your storage system: If you’re tempted to toss the empty mason jars that are overwhelming your storage container cabinet, you can upcycle them into a storage system for your cabinets or pantry closet! The display will be attractive and make it easy to find what you’re looking for. Organization Taskers can help create a system that works for you.

TaskRabbit partners with IKEA on furniture assembly and other services, but we also want to accomplish ambitious sustainability goals together. 🌎  

Do you have more ideas? Please share via the comments below!

Think of using TaskRabbit to help you achieve your own upcycling goals. Book now.

12 Spring Cleaning Tasks For Your Outdoor Space

Spring is in the air, which means it’s time to brush the literal cobwebs off your outdoor spaces. If you need help, you’ve come to the right place! Here are the top 12 spring cleaning tasks to get your outdoor space ready for max chillaxing. 

For ongoing tasks like yard or garden maintenance, have your Tasker leave the task open so you can chat with them whenever you’re ready for them to come back–or set the task to repeat when you book. 

Don’t see the task you need done on the list? Search now for what you need done!

Tips To Make Your Yard More “Green”

Most homeowners are surprised to learn that the products and practices they use to maintain their yards can negatively impact the health of the soil, surrounding plants, animals, and people nearby. The same way using non-toxic cleaning products in your home can make a difference, there are steps you can take outside your home to “go green”. Here are a few tips to make your yard more sustainable. 

Use Water Responsibly

We’re lucky: we turn on a hose or sprinklers, and water comes out. But becoming conscious of how much water it takes to maintain your yard is a major step toward more sustainable gardening. Here are some ways to reduce your water usage:

  • Reduce frequency of watering: Whenever you do decide to water your grass or garden, make sure the water goes deep into the soil. Shallow watering leads to shallow root growth. This makes your lawn susceptible to drought and insect problems. 
  • Xeriscape: This is the process of gardening or landscaping that uses minimal water. You can xeriscape by using rocks where possible (instead of a flower bed or grass, for instance) or replacing plants that need high volumes of water with low-water plants like cacti or succulents. Not sure where to start? Hire a Tasker to help.
  • Install a rain barrel: A rain barrel is a tank that collects rainwater runoff for later use. The water collected is naturally soft, so it’s perfect for reusing for your gardening needs. It’s also free and will reduce your water bill!

Avoid Chemicals & Pesticides

Many homeowners use lawn care products that make their gardens look nice, but which degrade the soil, pollute water, and toxify the air that they breathe.

Green landscaping is all about avoiding unwanted pollution from your gardening activities. Try the following:

  • Use organic fertilizers: These are far better than using nitrogen- and phosphorus rich fertilizers that can easily run off into groundwater sources and contribute to water pollution. 
  • Only apply fertilizer in fall and spring: These are the times when fertilizer is most beneficial to your grass. Stick to this timeline and you won’t over-fertilize.
  • Avoid pesticides and herbicides: These can turn rich, healthy soil into dead dirt that is more hospitable to weeds than to lush plants. They also have a harmful effect on the insects in your garden, many of which–like bees and butterflies–are beneficial for pollination. The same is true for kids and pets that might play outside.

Use Local & Reusable Materials

If you’re gearing up for a new landscape project that involves building materials–perhaps a new porch, gazebo, or BBQ pit–make sure you choose materials that are long-lasting and sustainably produced. Locally sourced wood and stone are great options. Choosing long-lasting products ensures that you won’t have to replace them until much later either.

If you know of a project that you want to kick off, book a Tasker to get started!

Grow Your Own Herbs

Making your yard more green can be a fun project that instills you with a sense of ownership and pride. One practice to consider, particularly if you enjoy cooking at home, is to grow your own herbs, like basil, chives, parsley, coriander, mint, rosemary, and more. Benefits include:

  • Cutting down on packaging: When bought from the store, herbs typically come in environmentally harmful cellophane or plastic wrap. (This is also one less item you’ll need to buy from the grocery store!)
  • It requires limited space: You don’t need much more than a window sill or balcony.
  • Organic and healthy: At the end of the day, there’s the added benefit of knowing where your food comes from and that it’s pesticide-free. 

Manage/Reuse Waste

No matter what kind of lawn or garden you have, it will always generate green waste (also known as compost). One easy way to make your yard work sustainable is by putting this green waste to use. You can combine grass, twigs, leaves, and food scraps and keep them in compost piles or bins that remain outdoors. Once they’ve decomposed, you’ll have your very own organic fertilizer to use on your lawn in place of synthetic fertilizer

Choose Low- and No-Emissions Equipment

Power equipment like lawnmowers, snowblowers, leaf vacuums, and leaf blowers all contribute to your lawn’s carbon footprint. When you purchase one of these devices, make sure it’s as eco-friendly as possible so as to limit the pollution created from taking care of your lawn. 

  • Avoid gas-burning machines: Electrical devices don’t release as much pollution as gas-powered ones. Better yet, if you can find a zero-emission device that gets the job done, you may consider opting for that.
  • Use a manual-powered device: A tried and tested option is to go old school and use a push mower. No emissions, and a little extra exercise while you’re at it!
  • Reduce your lawn size: Consider transforming part of your lawn into an area featuring shrubs and other low-maintenance plants.

There are many ways that you can make your yard more “green”. Need help getting started? Book a Tasker to help.

Information provided by The Hutch is for general and informational purposes only and we make no warranty regarding the accuracy, completeness, or validity of any content.