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7 Things You Could Be Doing in London Other Than Cleaning Your Flat


“When you’re tired of London, you’re tired of Life”

Samuel Johnson’s famous quote is thrown around London so often, isn’t it? Although it’s meant to be a life-affirming statement of the benefit of choice in London, it can often just be a stinging reminder of the monotonous reality you actually find yourself in.  Perhaps you’re not “tired of London”, maybe you’re just …tired.

Your starry-eyed curiosity as a London newbie gets swallowed up in your daily routine before long. Aside from the occasional cheeky post-work pint, most of your days probably resemble something like this: you get up, shower, hop on a packed tube, work, hop on another packed tube, force yourself to the gym, cook, clean, do laundry, organise things, sleep. Repeat.  Don’t be too hard on yourself; we’re all guilty of falling victim to it. So while we’re aware of London’s charms and the innumerable amount of wonderful things to do in our fair city, our busy schedules often bog us down with too much to handle.  We’re delaying our long-list of  urban adventures in favour of tedious life admin and the best bits of London life are shoved to the side.

So, how do we do right by Mr. Johnson and actually start living a quote-worthy London life?

Whether you want to prove it to yourself (or your London-hating friends), you can enjoy this city again. You just need a helping hand or two. Hear us out! Having observed the culture of London, we know it’s not a terribly British thing to do, but drop the stiff upper lip for a moment.  In a city as chaotic as London, outsourcing a few bits and pieces of cleaning, organising and errand-running could be just the ticket.

7 Things You Could Be Doing In London Other Than Cleaning Your Flat:

1) Get Cultured

How many times have you woken up on a Saturday morning, full of good intentions about the weekend ahead, only to despair at your to-do list? With almost 250 museums in London (many of them free), and countless art galleries scattered throughout the capital, you’d be mad not to fit in a bit of culture.

2) Have A Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine, and we can wager you’ve not had a good dose in ages. London is the greatest city on earth for standup comedy  (sorry, New York!), with comedians from all corners of the globe strutting their stuff across London every night of the week.

3) Get A Bit Of Fresh Air

We think “the big smoke” has a bit of an unfair nickname. With over 35,000 acres of public parks, woodlands and gardens, we’re living in Europe’s “greenest” major city, with a whopping 40% of the surface area of greater London made of up accessible green space. So whether you fancy a hike on Hampstead Heath, a picnic in Richmond Park or romantic ramble through Regents Park, you certainly won’t have a lack of choice. Just don’t forget your wellies.

4) Go Back To School

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Perhaps it’s guitar lessons or painting classes. Maybe it’s web development, cooking or learning a new language. With seemingly endless workshops, free talks, history tours and conferences happening every day, now is the time to try learn something new! Because if not now, when?

5) Have A Pint

Wouldn’t it be a bit sweeter to have a pint (or whatever tipple you fancy) with your mates without the subconscious stress of worrying whether or not you’re “getting things done” at home? You bet it would.

6) Have Some “You” Time

This one might seem a bit indulgent, but put your judgments aside for just a moment. With affordable “daily deals” popping on various platforms, spa days are no longer just for the wealthy and the elite. Press the “reset” button and spend a day pampering yourself.

7) Get Outta Town

Perhaps a bit of a cop out, but sometimes London life keeps us from escaping the city altogether. Get someone else to do that spring cleaning or furniture assembly, grab your camera and hop on a train. Some of the best adventures are outside the M25!

Our TaskRabbit UK team wants you to get out and treat yourself. Hire one of our vetted, reliable Taskers today to help you make the most of London!

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