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24me, the Destination for Daily Life Management

Introducing 24me from 24me on Vimeo.

What if you could manage your daily life through a single app? 24me, which launched late last week, helps users wrangle errands, bill pay, social engagements, and pretty much anything else in one centralized place. Through an integration with TaskRabbit, 24me users can simply tap a button on their To-Do lists to automatically post a Task. Pretty cool, huh? We caught up with CEO and co-founder Gilad Hertanu to find out more.

Like TaskRabbit, you’re on a mission to help make people more productive. Can you tell our community more about that mission?
“24me’s mission is to become the destination to manage daily life. Our goal is to help people with their daily To-Dos by automating many of the things we all deal with… When you wake up and open 24me, our goal is that many of your To-Dos will automatically be displayed without your intervention. You will then be able to take care of those things from within 24me with a click of a button.”

What challenges do most people have in managing their day-to-day lives?
“What we hear from many people is that their main frustration comes from the thing they need to remember and actually do on a daily basis: dealing with banks, bills, credit cards, errands… It’s about having to make sure they are on top of things, remembering to pay bills, making sure plans are up to date, remembering to greet friends when their birthday comes and so on.”

How does 24me help solve these problems?
“24me offers an ultra-sophisticated To-Do list application that can tell people what they need to do, and also take care of those things for them. Simply link your real life in — your banks, credit cards, service providers, friends… Then, 24me starts to monitor these links and tells you once there is something you need to know. For example, 24me can tell you if you have bills to pay or if one of your friends has a birthday. But this is not all, 24me can also help people take care of things. So if you have a bill to pay, you can pay this bill via 24me. Another example: when one of your friends has a birthday, you can post on his wall from within 24me and also send him a gift card. 24me is designed to be a one stop shop for daily life, telling you what you need to do, and also helping you take care of your Tasks.”

How do TaskRabbits help you achieve your mission?
“One of 24me’s most important features is the integration with TaskRabbit. Based on a set of keywords, we determine whether Tasks added to 24me are types of errands. We then offer an action button next to those Tasks that allows people to post those Tasks on TaskRabbit. Tasks that are posted on TaskRabbit are assigned to TaskRabbits and treated as any other TaskRabbit Tasks. So working with TaskRabbit allows our users to have someone else do their Tasks from them. It perfectly fits into the way 24me works, providing a simple way to take care of daily errands.”

What would your business be like without TaskRabbits?
“TaskRabbit is a very important part of the 24me experince. It perfectly fits into our vision. The 24me experince is all about making people’s life easier, and TaskRabbit offers exactly that. It allows 24me to very simply assign your errands to other people (TaskRabbits), saving you time and frustration throughout the day. Without it, 24me would be missing a crucial element that helps people manage their daily life. So with TaskRabbit we can help people find somebody to deliver their groceries, run their house chores, or even find a handyman when needed.”


  1. Sarah Mc says

    What a wonderful and smart idea to simplify life. I am using TaskRabbit quite often and it saves my precious time. I downloaded 24me yesterday and I was so happy to see that I can track everythig in one place and have taskRabbit assigned automatically to do my tasks. I couldn’t ask for more! what a brilliant idea!
    Well done TaskRabbit and 24me for a wonderful and smart collaboration.

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