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Hello, Canada! TaskRabbit Launches in Toronto


It’s official: TaskRabbit is live in Toronto — our first city in Canada and third new country! Whether it’s help moving and unpacking, mounting a TV, cleaning, or assembling furniture, our skilled “Taskers” are fired up to give Canadians (and even more busy people around the world) a little help for life.

As of today, Greater Toronto Area residents can hire a Tasker to help tackle any project from minor home repairs, to packing and moving help, to yard work, furniture assembly, delivery, and more. Just visit or download the TaskRabbit app to share task dates and details, browse skilled Taskers, and select the right person for the job.

Since we’ve received so many requests for TaskRabbit in Canada, we’re not done yet! Beginning in October, TaskRabbit will also roll out in select IKEA Canada stores and IKEA online. Taskers can help IKEA customers with flat-rate, in-home furniture assembly as early as a day after purchase. Keep an eye out for upcoming launches in Vancouver next month, and Montreal in 2019.

Thanks for the warm welcome, Toronto. We’re excited to get to know you! To celebrate our arrival in Toronto, we asked local Taskers for a few fun facts about their city.


  • It might not always feel like it in the winter, but Toronto receives 301 days of sunshine a year.
  • You can’t have sunny days without the brutal cold! Toronto’s lowest recorded temperature is an icy -31.3 degrees Celsius in January 1981 — not accounting for wind chill.
  • At 28 km long, the PATH is North America’s largest continuous underground pedestrian system. Once a year, it hosts the world’s longest underground sidewalk sale.
  • Toronto is the only Canadian city to field a team in nearly every major league sport. Can you name all of them? Highlight here to see if you got them all > (Blue Jays, Argonauts, Raptors, Rock, FC, and of course, the Maple Leafs)

Ready to tackle that to-do list? Book a Tasker today. Interested in becoming a Tasker? Sign up here


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