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Top tips from one of NYC’s busiest moving Taskers!

New York City based Tasker Richie T. has been tasking since 2016. He has 99% positive reviews and has completed over 400 tasks between Moving and Handyman categories. Richie has been busy doing moving tasks throughout the summer and is gearing up for a busy August and September.


What recommendations do you have for other Moving Taskers?

I recommend renting a truck to do moves, if you don’t own one. At least put a reservation in with a rental company for the last and first days of the month.

Tip: Some companies have different mileage rates for weekends vs. weekdays. This last end-of-month moving period was spread over both weekend days and weekdays, so I had 2 different rental reservations for the type of day to save money.

How do you manage filling up your schedule:

I have worked hard to maintain a good profile on TaskRabbit with good reviews, so I am priced at the higher end and I value my time. I am always confident that between new Clients and repeat Clients who sometimes book at the last minute, I will get booked up during those last few days of the month. I also usually leave my schedule pretty open most days to make sure that happens.

Invitations for Moving tasks are sent at all times during the day so I leave my “Available to Respond” turned on as much as possible. I do comedy at night, so I tend to work until about 4:00 pm every day.

What is the most interesting or fun task that you have done?

Once I was hired to pick up and assemble a certain piece of furniture from IKEA for a client. Her daughter was getting her first “big girl room” and she wanted that exact piece. The bad news: IKEA was out of stock of the item! We chatted for 5 days while she and I both kept checking the stock, but there was no hope.

I had become so involved in the mission, I used my other resources. I checked Craigslist occasionally and on the very last day when the client was ready to give up, I found one in great condition online! I contacted the seller, purchased it, and brought it to the client. She and her daughter were thrilled, and I was so happy that I could complete this for her!

What motivated you to start tasking?

I knew a few people that had great things to say about TaskRabbit, and I was excited to manage my own business and take full control of my finances.

What do you do to scope out upcoming Moving jobs, or what do you recommend for Clients prepping for a move?

I plan jobs based on photos I request from clients, and I always anticipate that will always be a “little extra”.

Advice I give to Clients on how to prep for a great move, is to have everything boxed up and taped well, drawers emptied, glass protected, etc. Also, just because your entire book collection *can* fit in one box, doesn’t mean it should. I’m strong, but I’m not superhuman!


If you are inspired by Richie’s tips and experiences, toggle ON “Available to Respond” and try your hand at a moving task today!

Happy Tasking!
Sara at TaskRabbit

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