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Let TaskRabbit Help You Refresh Your Space

Your home is your sanctuary.  But life gets busy, and it can be difficult to keep your living space at its best.  TaskRabbit is here to help!  That’s why, for today only, we’re discounting all Handyman tasks!


  • Minor repairs can stack up until tackling them feels absolutely overwhelming. Don’t stress – we can take care of it.
  • When you’ve got plumbing problems, we’ve got plumbing solutions. Let a Tasker tune up your faucet or keep the low-flow flowing.
  • If you’ve got redecorating on your mind, we can assemble your new furniture and remove the objects getting replaced.
  • We know you’ve been meaning to mount that TV set on the wall and install those adorable sconces – we can take those items off your to-do list.
  • If you need a full on apartment re-set, Taskers are on hand to re-arrange your furniture, paint an accent wall, or help choose and care for plants, inside or outdoors.

You and your Tasker can find the most convenient day and time for the work to be done, but your task(s) must be booked online or in the app on Wednesday, 9/16 in order to qualify for the discount.


Let TaskRabbit help make you love going home.  Book Wednesday, 9/16 for $20/£15 off any Handyman task and get to fixin’!


  1. I can’t send replies now because your banner at the bottom of the screen blocks the prompt. I’m using Firefox.

  2. David Cormany says

    I live in Anchorage, Alaska (zip 99507) and though I am outside of task Rabbit’s operations area, I would like to know if there is any possibility for me to become either a Tasker or to open a Task Rabbit franchise or operational capability for the Anchorage and surrounding area with a population of over 300,000 people within a 250 mile radius of downtown Anchorage.

    I would appreciate any information you are able to provide regarding the above inquiry. Thank you very much.

    -David R, Cormany

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