Task of the Week: Setting up the Nursery

As you get to the end of a big project, the finishing touches can be a struggle. If that struggle is real for you right now, TaskRabbit can help.

A Client in San Francisco was nearing the end of her baby nursery set up, but still needed to hang a heavy mirror. It can be tricky to hang a heavy object, but when you’re 8 months pregnant, some assistance is definitely in order.


Over the course of two visits, Tasker Timm hung the mirror, some other pictures, and took care of all the little details to get the nursery ready for baby.  We’re glad we were able to be there for our Client at such a busy time.  As she begins this new chapter of her life, we’re sure she’s going to have a lot more to do, and we hope to lighten her load then as well.

Whether you need someone to help get you started on a new path, assist you in finishing up a big undertaking, or you’re just looking for a hand with the laundry, TaskRabbit is here for you.  How can we help you today?


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