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Here at TaskRabbit, we are big fans of education.  After all, the children are our future.  But we also love to help our teachers out when we can.


When one teacher moved from St. Louis to Chicago this summer, she wasn’t just moving house – she was moving classrooms as well.

After 5 years of teaching Elementary and Special Education in St. Louis, our Client, Kristen, found that she’d built up a vast collection of personal teaching items and tools.  She had family help to move these hundreds of books, educational games, school supplies, and more from St. Louis to Chicago, but she knew she needed extra help to get it all into her new classroom.

That’s where TaskRabbit comes in. With dolly in hand, Tasker Steve M. made the process easy for the Client.  He coordinated the unload, and efficiently carried all the items up the several flights of stairs well within the agreed upon time.

Here’s to Kristen and all the hard-working educators, students, and parents out there.  TaskRabbit hopes we can help you prep for a great start this school year.

Kristen tells us that Steve, “exceeded [her] expectations!”  How can we exceed yours?

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