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Did you know that when you stuff things in a closet, they slowly procreate and proliferate? It’s true. Those books you didn’t want to toss but you didn’t know else to do with so you stashed them in your closet? They’ve mated and given birth to a litter of scarves you’re never going to wear.

Suddenly one day, you open your closet and then promptly shut it because even just looking at it makes your heart flutter with panic.

And trying to decide what to keep and what to get rid of is hard, especially when an item elicits nostalgia. Just getting started can be daunting.

Knowing what lurked in her closet and what a challenge organization can be, Sarah enlisted the help of Tasker Chloe as a personal assistant. Together they conquered Sarah’s wardrobe. Sarah said that even though she asked Chloe to be “ruthless” in her approach to decluttering and tidying up, the Tasker did so in a “really lovely way” and Sarah highly recommends her.

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  1. bryantracy says

    Hi honey

    I am thinking we need several task rabbits


    Sent from iPadious Minious


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