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Photo courtesy of Victoria

Photo courtesy of Victoria

Remember when you were a kid and summer heralded warm, golden days riding around on your bicycle with your friends until your shadows grew long and the sky turned purple? Your bicycle was your trusty steed, conveying you on missions of fun and freedom. You probably still remember your first one.

Victoria at Second Home in London decided it was finally time for her first bicycle in the UK. She also decided she would use TaskRabbit for the first time.

It all started with a foray into Gumtree. (For those of you who don’t know, Gumtree is a free online classified ads service similar to Craigslist that’s popular in the UK.) It’s very easy to decide that one must have a bicycle — the potentially difficult part is acquiring said two-wheeled transportation. However, Victoria was not to be deterred and within twenty minutes, Victoria’s eyes fell upon a bicycle that must have been posted just for her. Victoria is obsessed with all things gold, and what was on the computer screen before her but a golden bicycle with dainty step-through frame, fenders, basket, and skirt guard. She fell in love.

The next problem was actually getting her hands on the bike, which was available on a first come, first served basis. Knowing she didn’t have time to cross the city to fetch it, Victoria turned to someone who could — Tasker Hasan. Hasan was able to go check out the bike, confirm its golden wonderfulness, and then ride it to Victoria at the office — all within two hours of Victoria posting her task request. According to Victoria, it “literally made her day.”

Hey, that’s what we’re here for! Need a delivery? Don’t hesitate to call!

Photo courtesy of Victoria

Photo courtesy of Victoria

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