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So someone on our TaskRabbit marketing team has a habit of binge watching Say Yes to the Dress. We’re not naming names, but isn’t Randy Fenoli just the funniest? Especially when he gives the bride’s catty girlfriends a stern talking-to.

So we really loved coming across Joyce’s TaskRabbit story. She’s getting married next year (Congrats!), but she wanted to take advantage of Glamour Closet SF’s once a year bridal sample sale, which happened earlier in May. As you can imagine, these sort of sales are met with lines of eager brides-to-be wrapped around the corner. Hoping to secure a good place in line and first dibs on her dream dress, Joyce hired a Tasker to hold her spot.

It worked! Tasker Ivica J grabbed a spot in line for the sale early in the morning, allowing Joyce and her sisters to arrive later and still get the best dress and the best deal.

We asked Joyce if she would share her dress with us, but she’s keeping it under wraps until the wedding day.

Congrats again, Joyce, and we’re so grateful we could help make the happiest day of your life even happier!

It’s wedding season, folks, and if there’s anything we can help you busy brides and grooms with, just let us know.

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