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When you think of TaskRabbit, you probably think of how we can help you achieve more by taking care of tasks around the home like cleaning, grocery delivery, and minor home repairs. You probably don’t think of how TaskRabbit can cure you of your FOMO (that stands for “Fear Of Missing Out”).

For Mik — who works full time in the Bahamas and hasn’t had a chance in a while to take time off to see friends from her college days — TaskRabbit allowed her to prank her pals when she heard they’d all be gathering in NYC to celebrate a spring concert. Her practical joke of choice? A tradition called “Icing.”

“Icing” is when you hide a Smirnoff Ice for a prankee to find. Once found, the victim is required to take a knee and down the bottle. According to Mik, it’s a time honored college tradition, and she and her friends took turns hiding the drink in each other’s ski boots, pillowcases, in the library, and even sending them in the mail.

A few hundred miles between Mik and her friends weren’t about to end the legacy, so Mik had TaskRabbit deliver a case of Ice to the bar she knew her former classmates were hanging out at. The results were so absurd that the bartenders let them have their fun.

We’re glad we could help you be there in spirit, Mik!

Need to get something taken care of? We can help.

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