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This is one of the sweetest apology notes we’ve ever seen. Amanda is a NYC-based Client who needed to apologize to her boyfriend, and she went over the top with sugar-coated words. She sent Tasker Nicole on a mission to make amends to her sweetheart by instructing her to buy candy with unique messages attached.

  1. Jack’s Links Beef Jerky with a note saying “I’ve been such a JERK”
  2. A bag of Hershey Kisses with note “A hundred kisses from me to you”
  3. A bag of SourPatch Kids with note  “I was only kidding around, didn’t mean for it to turn sour”
  4. A pack of Sweetarts with a note “You’re my only sweetheart”
  5. Baby Bell cheese wheels with note “I don’t care if this is a little cheesy”
  6. A pack of nerds “I know I’m a little nerdy”
  7. A Skor bar “I’ve skored with you as my bf”
  8. Now and laters “I love you now and will always love you later”
  9. A bottle of Mountain Dew “I’ll Dew whatever it takes”
  10. Swedish Fish “You’re the only Fish for me”
  11. Bag of lollipops- “My life would suck without you”


The sweetest news of all is that the apology goody bag worked and Amanda is back in her boyfriend’s good graces. Let’s hope she also included a toothbrush in the bag. We love seeing all the creative ways you’re using TaskRabbit to get things done!

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