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Task of the Week: Find The Guy I Met On A Plane Yesterday

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 4.21.52 PM

It’s a scene straight out of Hollywood – Cody met someone special (Amine) this Tuesday during his flight from Marrakech to Madrid, en route to his vacation in Barcelona. There was an instant connection, one Cody describes as “not a ‘nice to meet you’ connection, but rather a ‘we are going to change our flights, spend the weekend together and potentially the rest of our lives together’ connection. Life is crazy sometimes.” Too starry-eyed to exchange information on the plane, the two ultimately lost sight of each other in the chaos of  security and customs in Madrid.

But Cody knew where Amine was staying in Manhattan, so on Wednesday he hired TaskRabbit to stand outside the building in NYC with a sign saying “Amine from Morocco: I have a message for you from Cody.” The plan was to then have the Tasker give Cody’s contact information to Amine. Armed with a description of Amine, the building address, and a sign, the Tasker stood his ground, talked to the doormen of various shifts, and was going to try again later that evening when Cody messaged to say that Amine had just contacted him via other channels! Amine tracked Cody down on his own; not, as you might suspect, by using a TaskRabbit to scour the internet for Cody’s information, but remembering a picture of the place Cody stayed in Marrakech, Amine searched to find the hotel with the pool he saw on Cody’s phone. When he found the pool, he was able to track down Cody, who will be joining Amine next week in NYC. They plan on reaching out to their Tasker while there. We’re thrilled for them both and are excited to see the creative ways people use TaskRabbit help them live smarter.

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