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Meet the Team: Ian de B.

Resident sneakerhead, pop music aficionado, and Creative Coordinator Ian de B. makes it rain new media and ’90s trivia around TaskRabbit HQ. As one-half of the dynamic filmmaking duo behind The Plight of Brian, we expect he’ll be walking away from this year’s Cannes Film Festival with the Palme d’Or. You can follow him on Twitter @idb1204 and listen to his sweet, sweet musical stylings on SoundCloud.

Dream Vacation: Backpacking through New Zealand.
Favorite Place to Go in the Bay Area: AT&T Park
Beverage of Choice: Chocolate milkshake from the St. Francis Soda Fountain.
Favorite TV Show: Breaking Bad and Arrested Development
Favorite Place Visited: Coachella
Secret Addiction: “I love ’90s pop music, specifically ‘N Sync.
Favorite Quote: “The world needs to see the madness that is my upper torso.”
Best Task He’s Seen Posted: “Anything that involves getting items back from an ex.”
Favorite Thing About TaskRabbit: “The fact that I actually enjoy hanging out with the people I work with outside of the office.”

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