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Meet the Team: Wendy P.

Our Member Services Maven, Wendy P., strongly believes that everything is better through haiku. She loves making people happy, making sauerkraut, and  making sweet, sweet, sounds on the musical saw.

Favorite Book: Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse
Favorite Food: Old-fashioned beef jerky
Beverage of Choice: San Francisco Tap Water
Dream Vacation: “A cross-country tour with a bluegrass band in which I sing and play the musical saw.”
Favorite Joke: “A priest, rabbi, and 3-inch tall pianist walk into a bar. The bartender says, ‘What is this? A joke?'”
Best Task She’s Seen Posted: “I would giggle effusively, in a very straight and macho way, if you’d bring me some diet sodas.”
Favorite Place to Go in the Bay Area? “Where nature exists in full force.”
Favorite Quote: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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