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How TaskRabbit Helped Amy D. Help Others

When Amy D. walks to work from her home in San Francisco’s Union Square, she inevitably has to pass through the Tenderloin, one of the city’s toughest neighborhoods. In addition to a high crime rate, the Tenderloin contains a particularly large homeless population — nearly 6,000 homeless people pass through it each day. Amy wanted to help these people in whatever small way she could, so she decided to begin making wrap sandwiches and passing them out.

The only problem? It was hard to feel safe in such a tough area. Amy didn’t want to stop helping out, so she decided to hire a TaskRabbit to accompany her on her food delivery journeys through the Tenderloin. Having a TaskRabbit with her made her feel comfortable enough to travel even deeper into the neighborhood and help feed the people who needed it the most.

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  1. For Amy D. and her Taskrabbit escort a sincere and hearty thank you for your action statement of compassion to those who need a well placed gesture.

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