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Task of the Week: Taco Up My Football

If you’re the kind of person who hears the word “pigskin” and salivates just a little, you might be a football foodie. Admit it, you cry a little inside each time you open an industrial size bag of frozen buffalo wings. You’re not alone. Plenty of fans get bored with the weekly parade of nachos, chicken wings, and more dips than they can shake a potato chip at, and now there’s something they can do about it.

San Francisco TaskPoster Alicia G. is one of these people, which is exactly why she hired TaskRabbit Dana M. for this wish-we’d-thought-of-it Game Day Task. Alicia deployed Dana to the Mission District to bring back samples from three different taquerias. Dana delivered the 21 tacos to Alicia’s home, where Alicia and her friends compared the fare while watching Sunday Night Football. Taco taste-testing while watching football? That’s pretty brilliant. What will you get delivered for the next game? Post your food delivery Task here.

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