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Leah Busque Returns as TaskRabbit’s CEO

Today, we are pleased to announce a change to TaskRabbit’s leadership team. Leah Busque, TaskRabbit’s founder, is returning to the role of CEO. Eric Grosse will remain as an active and supportive member of the company’s board.

As TaskRabbit’s founder and visionary, Leah has been instrumental in leading the company’s product development and innovation efforts. This year, we plan to enter several new markets, and recognize that providing an amazing product and user experience – above all else – will help us maintain our competitive edge and drive our continued success. We remain focused on delivering rapid-fire product innovation, which we consider critical at this stage in TaskRabbit’s development. Because this effort demands a strong emphasis on engineering, product and marketplace operations, it’s appropriate for Leah – with her founder vision, passion and leadership – to step back in as TaskRabbit’s CEO.

The company is excited for Leah’s return to leadership and looks forward to Eric’s continued support as a board member.

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