How Many Packages of Ramen Does it Take to Settle a Bet?

Bet Loser Koby, TaskRabbit Lindsey, and Jason — proud owner of 365 packages of ramen.

We love hearing about creative uses of TaskRabbit, so when April Autrey of ChooseWhat reached out to tell us about what she called a “hilarious office prank,” we were intrigued. But when we found out this prank involved 365 packages of ramen noodles? Well then we were just plain delighted. Here’s Audrey’s report:

Koby and Jason, who both work at ChooseWhat, made a bet over something that neither can remember anymore. The winner was to receive a year’s worth of dinners from the loser, Koby ended up losing. It was a bet made in full jest, but after a few weeks of licking his wounds, Koby decided to settle up in style. He came up with a super funny way to make good on what he owed Jason: he posted a Task to buy 365 packages of the cheapest ramen available.

After awesome TaskRabbit Lindsey K. was selected, she procured the ramen at lightning speed. To make sure Jason didn’t suspect a thing, Koby offered to buy him lunch instead of springing for a year’s worth of dinner. Jason politely declined, but told Koby he didn’t really expect a year’s worth of dinner for a bet neither of them could remember. Little did Jason know…

Later that day Lindsey showed up at the ChooseWhat offices with a dolly full of ramen. Then she went back to her car for another dolly full of ramen. Koby and Lindsey enlisted the help of co-worker Nick to lug all the ramen into the office of Jason, who was, understandably, shocked by all the noodles. Thanks TaskRabbit, the entire office is still laughing!


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