Task of the Week: Hurricane Irene’s Aftermath

Hurricane Irene struck the East Coast with a vengeance last week, flooding streets, knocking out power, and toppling trees.  Several folks in our community in Boston and NYC were impacted, but unfortunately, one of our of TaskPosters was especially hard hit. Ray W was in his backyard when a large tree branch fell on his shoulder, breaking his collarbone, shoulder blade, and one of his ribs. (It hurts just writing it!)

Now, his left arm is immobilized in a sling, making it  impossible for him to do routine household Tasks, like wash the dishes. As you can imagine, even the Tasks that he can still physically manage are much more time-consuming than they ordinarily would be. So, Ray turned to TaskRabbit for help. The day after the storm, he hired TaskRabbit, Alex N to help with the dishes, food prep, household organization, and some errands. Over the past week, he has used TaskRabbit numerous times to help around the house.

As Ray explains: “TaskRabbit has been a really valuable resource since my injury. A lot of the things that I wanted and needed to get done were impossible for me to do on my own, and it’s been really comforting as well as useful to outsource some of these to TaskRabbit.”

Ray- we are glad you are feeling better and are so happy we could help out as you recover.


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