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Surprise my Wife with Flowers on the Brooklyn Bridge

Women everywhere are going to love this week’s Task of the Week. Eric L wanted to organize a “cheap date” for his wife, Anie. But, once you hear the details, you’ll realize that there’s really nothing cheap about it;  it’s simply adorable.  Eric and his wife used to go all out on their dates – hitting a restaurant and a movie – and often spending some serious cash. But, last weekend, Eric didn’t want to spend a lot of money and frankly, wanted to do something a bit different and special for his wife.


So, he devised a plan…. He’d hire a TaskRabbit to buy his wife a bouquet of flowers. But, he didn’t stop there. He asked his TaskRabbit to make a huge orange sign that read  “I heart Anie!” and wait for him on the Brooklyn Bridge. He would stroll across the bridge with his wife and a TaskRabbit would be waiting on the other side of the bridge to surprise his wife with the sign and the flowers.


The TaskRabbit, Aura M, was more than willing to help. In fact, according to Eric, she was “perfect” and went above and beyond the call of duty – buying a beautiful flower bouquet with roses and sunflowers and creating a sign that would make a kindergarten teacher blush.


Way to go, Eric! You put husbands/ boyfriends/ partners everywhere in the dog house. 😉



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