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Task of the Week: B-day Party – Come Dressed as a Hot Dog

Task of the Week: Drive friend to birthday party in a taxi

While the Task title seems rather benign, as with many of the Tasks posted on our site, there is a great story behind it!

So, here’s the scoop. Sender Mike D needed some help throwing his buddy, Frank, a blowout birthday party last Saturday! Naturally, Mike called on TaskRabbit to help with the flawless execution.

The theme of the birthday celebration was “All Things Frank.” Here’s how the Task went down… Runner Dan B. was tasked with picking up the b-day boy in a taxi and delivering him safely to downtown San Francisco for the daylong celebration. The kicker was that Runner Dan was required to dress up as a hot dog… yes, a hot dog, aka a “frank.” Check out the amazing pic- that’s Runner Dan on the left.

Awesome Task, Mike! And amazing work, Dan! This is a perfect example of our Runners going the extra mile to help our Senders – gallivanting around town dressed as a hot dog all for the sake of the getting the Task done… just priceless!

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