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TaskRabbit Goes Red

Ladies-  we know the story. You’re busy. Busy caring for the kids, your partner, your friends, everyone but yourself! Well, we at TaskRabbit, have had enough and this Valentine’s Day, we are on a mission. A mission to give women the gift of time so they can start caring for themselves.

So, ladies…no excuses- this V-day, let TaskRabbit take care of some things on your To-do list so you can do something for YOURSELF… go to the gym, a yoga class, or even the doctor (gasp!).

TaskRabbit’s mission doesn’t stop there. We are going even further this V-day to support our customers (and busy women everywhere). This Valentine’s Day, TaskRabbit is making a financial contribution to support the American Heart Association’s Go Red Campaign. We believe strongly in this initiative as it shares our mission of empowering women to take the time to focus on and care for themselves (for once!). Learn more about this incredible and important campaign by visiting the Go Red website.


The TaskRabbit Crew

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