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Important Runner Update-TaskRabbit San Francisco

Hello Runners!

Quick Update for everyone:

As you know, we are preparing to launch TASKRABBIT SAN FRANCISCO and as we prepare for this major launch, we will be running tests on the new site.

You may see an accidental task posted that pertains to the San Fran area. While we are doing our absolute BEST to make sure there are no San Fran Tasks posted on the TaskRabbit Boston site, in the course of testing there may be a little spill over.

We ask that you guys:

1. Pay EXTRA attention to where a task is located before picking it up. If a task is posted for San Fran, unless you own a flying car, please do not pick it up. Instead, alert Amanda@TaskRabbit.com.

2. Stay tuned for more updates on our major TaskRabbit San Francisco launch!

3. Let all of your friends and loved ones in the San Fran/Bay Area know that Bunnies will be taking over their town shortly! We are currently accepting Runner applications for TaskRabbit San Francisco!

My job is to help you with anything, so call on me (Amanda@TaskRabbit) for assistance or to answer any questions you have.

Are you following us?

Twitter – @TaskRabbit
Twitter for Runners – @TaskRabbitRun
Live Tasks posted on Twitter – @TaskRabbitBos

Amanda Connor
Community Manager, TaskRabbit

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