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Weekly Runner Report – June 1st

Hello Runners!

Welcome to our new RUNNER REPORT featuring shout-outs to Superstar Runners, tips & tricks to help YOU make more $$$ plus answers to top questions I’ve received for the week.

Welcome New Runners!

RUNNER RALLY: Our next Runner Rally will be held on June 3rd at Cambridge Brewing Company in Cambridge, MA from 5-7pm. Join us for food, fun and Runner updates!


This Superstar Runner has been awarded 25 bonus points for awesomeness in the field of TaskRabbit Duty!

SuperstarCharles S. is our Superstar of the Week based on his excellent reviews from running tasks such as: Selling Handbags on eBay, Siphoning Gas from a Scooter and Delivering Pies Around Town. Great work and great reviews (and super cute profile pic) Charles!


As you may have heard, we are preparing to officially launch TASKRABBIT SAN FRANCISCO! TaskRabbit is going bicoastal and we couldn’t be happier to be expanding as fast as our tails can keep up.We couldn’t have done this without our amazing team of Runners, so from us to you, THANK YOU!

Stay tuned for our Soon-To-Be-Announced Official San Francisco Launch!

Email Amanda@TaskRabbit.com photos of you running a task and be featured in the weekly RUNNER REPORT! We love seeing our Runners at work (and you just might score some extra points!)

Are you getting $5.00 for every person you refer to TaskRabbit?

Simply email me (Amanda@TaskRabbit.com) for your personal Runner Code.  Then share your Runner Code EVERYWHERE (email it to your friends and family, post it on your Facebook page, Tweet about it, etc)   For every new person that posts a task with your Runner Code YOU get $5 and that person gets $15 off of their 1st task.  It’s a great deal for everyone!

Posting your Runner Code on Facebook & Craigslist to market your skills as a TaskRabbit Runner and drive more business to your profile.

My job is to help you with anything, so call on me (Amanda@TaskRabbit) for assistance in situations like this!

Are you following us?

Twitter – @TaskRabbit
Twitter for Runners – @TaskRabbitRun
Live Tasks posted on Twitter – @TaskRabbitBos


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