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Animals love TaskRabbit!

By Intern Jen Smith

Over at TaskRabbit, we are as mad as a March hare over animals. In case you haven’t heard the story, TaskRabbit was created when our Chief

Kobe preps for Dog Day Afternoons!

Inspiration Officer, Kobe, needed a new bag of dog food and his Mom (our boss) didn’t have time to run to the store. With Kobe as our guide, we are working to increase the number of animal related tasks in many special ways

For starters, we’ve kicked off a pet food delivery program with Polka Dog Bakery. With Polka Dog, you can have your pet food delivered directly to your door at regular intervals for just $10. With the help of our awesome 200+ runners, this means that Kobe’s friends in the greater Boston area don’t have to lose precious puppy sleep over their next meal.

Recently, a dog-walking task inspired us to reach out to the pups of Boston. With summer approaching, we will soon be starting our “Dog Day Afternoon” events where we visit local dog parks equipped with special doggie bags.

Kobe hired a new intern named Radar. He’s really fond of Nunziato Field Dog Park and Gold Star Mother’s, so be on the look out for him! After a busy day on the job, we promise to reward him with some “dogtails” during Yappier Hour at the Liberty Hotel. Hope to see you there!

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